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  • Giant Anthem Advanced 5.2 vs Canyon Lux CF 8.9
  • Premier Icon Kryton57

    The Giant

    The Canyon

    One of these two might replace my ASR5 I think, for general forest singletrack & some racing/24’s next year. I’m leaning toward the giant with the Giant on reputation and customer service. FWIW I’d also lean toward overall comfort more than raceability – I’m not a pro!

    Anyone able to comment on the ride characteristics or either / one vs the other, and particulalry SRAM vs Shimano? I’m currently 100% shimano, no experience with SRAM.

    Thanks in anticipation…

    Premier Icon Kryton57

    Bump…. Someone must have ridden one of these… and used SRAM & Shimano?


    I’d rather buy a Giant, but if 24hr racing I’d go for the 29er.

    FWIW I’ve always had SRAM shifting on all my mtb’s (mostly X0 and X9) and I’ve never had any issues with it (other than the old X0 carbon cage rear mechs that had a habit of exploding.) Though chainsets have always been XT or XTR. The Giant comes with Avid’s which is enough to put a lot of people off, though easy enough to change.

    Edit… I’ve used both SRAM and Shimano (comparing X9 and XT) and the feel is different. If you go to SRAM from Shimano then it’ll probably seem heavier and clunkier and maybe not as smooth as XT. I like it though as it’s a very definite shift. They both work well IMO but the feel is definitely different.

    Premier Icon njee20

    Canyon for my money.

    You just have to try SRAM shifting, it’s much more ‘positive’ than Shimano. A much snappier shift, sometimes with Shimano I find myself wondering if I’ve actually changed. You’ll never have that with SRAM. Neither is better though, despite what most threads will have you believe.

    Personally, all things being equal, I’d have Shimano. But I do like my XX1.


    If you wait a month or so youll probably get the anthem advanced 1 carbon for less than the canyon in the sales. Thats full xt and fox fork.

    The canyon is very good spec though.


    Mind the Giant has the overdrive 2 headset/steerer so limited to swap stem….

    Love my Anth, but agree that if racing I would go 29er.

    And 1×10 XT of course 😉 And Ali frame! That carbon one just doesn’t look like good value.

    Premier Icon Kryton57

    Oh yes, the Alu anthem is 200 quid cheaper, and full XT / fox rather than the monarch. And the blue matches my helmet. I kinda wanted carbon though. I wonder if there’s much in the weight?

    Dyls, I will be waiting but want to take advantage of Pedalons podium points for a few other bits. And I need to sell the Asr after this weekends Bonty.

    I’m not so sure the Lux would be as much fun I the woods as the Anthem, although I’m enjoyed 29 wheels on my SS.

    Premier Icon dallas95

    I bought the Anthem 1 27.5 frameset (from pedal on) and built it up to my spec’. For all round trail use in yorkshire it more than fits the brief. Light enough, enough suspension (120 fork fitted) and all-day comfy. I fitted XX1 gears with XT chainset and RF narrow/wide ring. I had never used Sram before and I love the shifter and rear mech. It works flawlessly and in my opinion the roller clutch mech is better than shimano shadow plus. Giant dealers usually have these in factory spec’ for test rides and I would recommend having a go on one. With the frame only option you get a standard 1-1/8 to 1.5″ tapered headset so stem choice and forks are easier to match. The weight penalty over the carbon frame isn’t much either.

    Gratuatous pic’

    Pleased to see the Giant living up to its name with 650 inch wheels!

    Premier Icon Kryton57

    With the frame only option you get a standard 1-1/8 to 1.5″ tapered headset so stem choice and forks are easier to match

    Oh! Thanks for the tip, which means all of my – XT – kit except for the wheels will transfer across – including an F120 FIT which I really like.

    I’ve been comparing ASR5 & Anthem reviews today. Trying to wonder if its worth doing at all with a 26.5lb ASR5. Hmmm.


    standard 1-1/8 to 1.5

    Sure about that? Its not what Pedalon’s or Giants site says?

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