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  • Giant Anthem 29er content…..Found a crack in my frame, options?
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    Only bought this back in December, did 500km on it had a great time over the winter but not used it since April so thought i’d sell it on and luckily the buyer noticed this…..

    Untitled by jcabuckley1974, on Flickr

    I don’t remember crashing it but the evidence is there, is it just a case of strip it down and chuck the frame in the bin? any other options?


    Premier Icon DT78
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    Where is it? Looks like down tube rock strike? I’d probably still use it, but I wouldn’t sell it on unless you are explicit about the damage. I got less than £200 for my anthem frame so if you are going to sell prob best to strip and sell as spare parts

    Premier Icon andyl
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    That’s quite nasty.

    It’s aluminium so it will eventually crack all the way round. Who knows how long it will take though but I guess it could be stop drilled and welded. I’d probably work out how much the front triangle is worth 2nd hand and deduct that from the price so you are basically selling the rest of the parts with a free frame and make sure the buyer is happy with that.

    Premier Icon epo-aholic
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    cheers for the replies guys…..gutted! 🙁

    yup, down tube, just above the BB

    Premier Icon granny_ring
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    Take it you bought 2nd hand and cant do a crash replacement frame, if Giant do that sort of thing that is!

    Premier Icon stoddys
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    Hi epo aholic

    Sent you an email


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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