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  • Premier Icon iainc

    The Anthem is a well sorted bike and likely to meet your needs. Spec level depends on price – that one is a solid spec with decent quality, but not top drawer kit. Buying new you get the Giant warranty, which is very good.

    I have a 2015 SX, which has some better components and 120mm, rather than 100mm travel forks, but I’d be happy on the one you’re looking at for that type of riding.

    They are great bikes !


    I’ve an older Anthem with 100mm forks and I ride all the things you mentioned above. The bike will be more than capable for what you’re going to do with it.
    If you’re thinking there’s not enough travel, what about a Trance?


    I would go the extra £150 and take the next model up (if large is your size) as Pauls cycles still have them on offer. Lighter wheels, SLX spec with clutch mech, better fork etc.

    The Anthem will serve you well, its a great bike and more than capable for what you will throw at it.


    jody +1

    That is what I have just done, a 2015 27.5 2 from Pauls. Should be deleivered today 😀

    Also worth nothing that the Reba forks on the higher spec 2 model are apparently upgradable to 120mm by changing the air shaft, I have one of those on order too and will be giving it a go. This effectively gives you an SX.

    Premier Icon iainc

    Having had my SX for a year now, and ridden it on varied terrain, I don’t have much negative to say about it at all, a great all round bike, good sorted spec, seems to do the same as an Orange or Santa Cruz that would cost twice the price 🙂 (albeit I haven’t owned the latter, i have ridden one, and I did have a 5 for years 😀 )

    Infact the only thing that annoys me a little about it is that it rattles, mainly the cables, which are internal. A very minor irk though !


    Hello – I am 82kg and 6:2ft. Long time hard tail 29er rider and want to buy my first full suss bike. My budget is around £1,000. I have pretty much set my heart on a “Giant Anthem”. I have found a new 2015 Giant Anthem 27.5 with the spec below for near this price, or would I be better getting a higher spec second hand SX or better ? Do you think the spec below would hold me back (no clutch deralieur). I mainly ride forrest, trail centre and occasional lakes, peaks and highlands. I want an all round full sus for cross country, minor road riding to centres and good on mountain trails. I think the SX is a better choice but struggling to find a large second hand ?


    2015 Giant anthem 27.5:

    Frame ALUXX SL-Grade Aluminum, 4″/100mm Maestro Suspension
    Rear Shock: RockShox Monarch R
    Forks RockShox Recon Gold RL Solo Air, 100mm travel, 15mm Axle OverDrive Tapered Steerer
    Rear Derailleur Shimano Deore, Shadow+
    Front Derailleur Shimano Deore
    Shifters Shimano Deore 20 speed
    Chainset Shimano Deore, 24/38
    Bottom Bracket Shimano Press Fit
    Chain KMC X10
    Freewheel Shimano HG50 11-36
    Stem Giant Connect, ±8-degree rise
    Handlebars Giant Connect Trail, Low Rise, 730mm
    Front Brake Shimano M395 160mm
    Rear Brake Shimano M395 160mm
    Brake Levers Shimano M395
    Rims Giant S-XC 27.5
    Front Hub Giant S-XC 15mm
    Rear Hub Giant S-XC 135mm QR
    Spokes Stainless Steel
    Tyres Schwalbe Racing Ralph, 27.5×2.25″ Performance Wire
    Saddle Giant Contact Forward
    Seatpost Giant Connect 30.9mm
    Pedals The manufacturer does not supply pedals with this bike


    Thanks Guys.
    Am I right in thinking I should be going for a large. I am 6:2ft (189cm), I normally ride a 21inch frame in a hardtail but think I would benefit from a slightly smaller frame.

    Also how do you find the stem, looks like the Giant ones are all pretty long 110mm ?


    Giant sizing chart has 6’2″ bang in the middle of a large size.

    I’ve not even got my bike yet, but going by the effective top tube length and the set back seat post I’m expecting to run a 50-70mm stem, will try it and see. Obviously your fit will personal to you.


    Hi – Yes I was told Giant come up fairly big in frame size, so should be good with the large.

    The Anthem comes with 2.25 stock tyres but could it take a 3inch tyre easily or would this rub on the chain stays ?
    Also… I always rode 29er but am going for 27.5, I take it this is the better size on the Anthem ? or would the Anthem X29er suit 6:2ft better ? My main issue with my hardtail is it is clumsy on jumps and not easy to get airborne.


    I have an Anthem 2 27.5 with air shaft swapped to give 120mm up front.

    I’m 6’2″ (33″ inside leg) and ride a large, fits great.

    Think mine came with a 100mm stem as standard.

    Think 3″ tyres unlikely to fit…


    The shadow + does have a clutch though doesn’t it?well mine has on my anthem 3.
    I am 5’10 and have a medium which is what giant recommend, but I wish I’d have bought a large and put on a shorter stem .
    It’s been a good bike though,although I’d now like a bit more travel up front.

    Premier Icon iainc

    also 5’10 here, on a medium SX – fits a treat. I did put 740mm bars on the other week, rather that the supplied 730 ones, just cos they were on sale and a nice colour 🙂


    Slightly off topic but I keep looking at the trance 1 on Paul’s cycles,for under £1700 ,for a harder hitting trail bike than an anthem I don’t think I’ve seen anything with such good value for money. Anyone have any opinions on that?


    iainc – Member
    a great all round bike, good sorted spec, seems to do the same as an Orange or Santa Cruz that would cost twice the price (albeit I haven’t owned the latter, i have ridden one, and I did have a 5 for years )

    It is indeed a cracking bike, but you’re taking things a bit far there. a 120/100mm (front/rear) travel is not comparible to a 160-140/140 Five. They are indeed very capable bikes, and absolute rockets on the flat and uphill , but when it comes to heading down (especially anything steep) the geometry of the very XC Anthem starts to get interesting. It’ll also make you wince when landing anything of a decent size or into anything rough.

    Legend – #Enduro’d on both


    Are you sure the “Shimano deore shadow +” is a clutch mech on the 2015 ?

    So the 2015 standard Anthem 27.5 (3) is fast on straight and uphill ?


    No i’m not ,mine is a 2014 and after looking at the specs the 2014 is listed as an slx mech.Sorry if i confused things.Pauls have a 2014 in xl for £999 if thats any good?


    Go for the 2014 Anthem 2 at £1099 very good spec at that price in xl or l

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