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  • loddrik

    Never seen ghost, they probably don’t exist other than in people’s minds.

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    As that thread has turned into a pseudo science bore fest, shall we have some of your creepy ghost stories ready for Halloween?


    I think O.P. is asking for ghost stories and not opinions such as the above post of not seeing a ghost.

    With the tradition of Halloween.

    Found this one online:

    “I live in a small house in Georgia. The house a circle shape, and the kitchen is in the dead center of the house to where you can see all the hallways and the living and dining room. The only hallway you can’t see is the hall to the front door past my mom’s bedroom.

    There have been multiple experiences in my home. All of my family has felt, heard, or seen something. I have had many experiences. But one has stuck with me and I am now terrified to be home alone.

    One day when I came home from work I noticed my parents’ car wasn’t in the driveway. So I called them and they said they and my sisters (I have three sisters) went to my grandma’s house, which is about 45 minute away.

    At this time I wasn’t scared to be there alone so I went in and noticed the kitchen needed to be cleaned so I went and started cleaning. For a bit nothing happened but then I started to have the hairs raise on the back of my neck, the feeling you get when you feel like you’re being watched. I have a cat who always stands by me wherever I am and follows me wherever I go in the house. So of course she was right next to me purring her heart out. But when I got the feeling someone was watching me, she freaked out in the same moment. She growled and hissed and arched her back and her hairs were standing up all over her body.

    Well, I have always ignored things that happen in my house. Even if they are directed at me. But her freaking out really scared me. I went to turn around but it’s like something was stopping me. Once she started to calm down so did I.

    I was doing the dishes and I got the feeling to look up and through the opening in the wall to the living room and there was a little boy. Longish red hair, about shoulder length, he had on like tan colored shorts and in a plaid red shirt, he had his back towards me. I regret calling out to it, but I did. Once I did my cat jumped on the counter and when the boy turned to look at me he had no face, it was like just a black hole. But the hair and the rest of the body was still there. I couldn’t look away and my cat freaked and jumped down and ran out the kitchen.

    Then the boy, or whatever it was seemed to move towards the only part of the house I can’t see from the kitchen, near my mom’s room. It was crawling in a way. And once it was out of view I dropped to the floor and started crying. I was afraid it was going to come around the corner into the kitchen. I grabbed my cell phone and called my mom and begged her to come home. She believed me in an instant and they were home in about 25 minutes.

    I was still in the floor of my kitchen crying when they arrived and I explained what happened and my stepdad told me that sounded like the boy him and one of my sisters saw one day. But the one they saw had a face and they just ignored the boy.

    I am now scared to be alone in my house. I have to have a friend there or someone at all times. Things are still going on in my house. And things follow me where I go. The things that follow are like just you hear things you can’t explain. I don’t know what it is”.

    Ok not scary but hate the feeling of being watched and sure she is nuts but you never know.

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