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  • Ghetto tubeless with kenda nevegal
  • Yep. The thin carcass was causing intolerable numbers of punctures which is why I went ghetto tubeless:

    JRA wheel milk 50ml per wheel
    Schwalbe presta 24″ tubes x2 (cores removable)
    WTB lazerdisc rims
    Nevegal 2.1″ tyres
    Lots of watery soapsuds (not soapy water)

    Do an initial inflation with just the suds slopped on and the valve core removed. Squash the tyre down a lot because you are trying to get the bead to seat against the rim. I managed initial inflation with a track pump and some patience but a compressor would be better. Once up at 50psi and seated, leave it to slowly leak and go flat. Remove pump and inject JRA into the valve, then insert the core and inflate to 40psi. The sidewalls and bead will be leaky and more suds will show where. Keep sloshing, rolling and re-inflating over a couple of session until they seal – probably about an hour of this in total for both wheels. Mine don’t deflate at all now.


    er, I wonder why going tubeless isn’t more popular 😐


    I found they work ok as above but are a pain in the hole to get seated on 717s


    Has anyone tried ghetto tubeless with a nevegal? They have quite thin side walls so am not sure if they are up to the job.

    I was driven to tubeless because of a spate of punctures when I got the bike which came fitted with Nevegals.
    A couple of hours setup in the garage is less hassle than fixing punctures in the rain out on the trail, while you mates are waiting for you. 😀

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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