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  • Ghetto tubeless 29er. 24" or 26" tubes ?
  • I've got DT Swiss 470 rims on my 29er running ghetto tubeless with 24" tubes.
    I've had a spare pair of wheels built up with Halo Freedom rims.
    I want to use the new wheels today.
    As they are wider than the old wheels, I don't think I will be able to reuse the rim strips on them.
    I haven't got any more 24" tubes, but I have got some 26".
    I put a 26" tube on the Halo 29" rim and it's stretched, but not as tight as a 24" would be or a 20" tube on a 26" rim.
    Will it work, or have I got to go out and buy some 24" tubes before I can use the wheels ?

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    I've used a 26" on the freedom disc rim.
    Not very tight but it worked.

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    ive used 20 and 26 on 29er rims and both worked fine

    Thanks for that.
    I'll give it a go then.

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    Always the gaffa tape option…

    It worked.

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