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  • tomwoodbury

    Back in the day my mums hairspray did the trick but I’ve tried a couple of my wife’s sprays to get my cork ergons to stick which has only had the effect of making them slippier. Any tips?

    Are you sure it was your wife’s hairspray?



    A little bit of spray paint inside the grips, slide on, leave overnight, has always worked well for me.

    Lock on grips and never worry about getting grips on or off ever again?


    Cheers. The ergons are lock ons but still slip. I’ll give the renthal paste a go.

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    Cossack Firm Hold.

    And ditch the lock ons, unless you want to go full Starship.

    Lockons but still slip? I’ve never had that with lockons. I wouldn’t expect the hairspray trick to work in this case as internally those sort of grips are usually hard plastic- don’t know it that applies to ergons.

    Spray glue might help, but I’d be taking lockons that don’t lockon back to the shop!


    DMR Deathgrips.
    So snug I’m not sure how they’re ever going to come off!


    Fill the grip up with isopropyl alcohol (thumb on one end) let soak for a minute. Pour over bar then using a rag or towel pull the grip on to the bar. Allow to dry.


    Hand sanitizer gel works a treat on foam grips!


    fitted ODI Attacks at the weekend. Double wrap of PVC insulation tape on the bar, spray of GT85 on the bar and in the grip and a zip tie for good measure.

    stuck solid. 🙂


    WD40 worked well on my old BMX grips

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    I tried hairspray to do this recently and have concluded that modern hairspray is not up to the adhesive standards of 1980’s hairspray. Probably too full of active lipozomes, science molecules and other things that create the effective appearance of salon style hair to be truly grippy.

    I blame the ozone layer.


    2″ wide double sided masking tape (the beige stuff) applied to the bar lengthways and curled around.
    Leave about an inch extra off the end of the bar, twist up to seal the hole in the end of the bar.
    Fill grip with white spirit, pour over adhesive tape, slide on grip.

    It’s how golf club grips are fitted.
    You can build up extra layers of tape to increase the diameter of the grip.


    You only need a little bit of hairspray, use too much and it doesn’t seem to work.

    Fill grip with white spirit

    REALLY?? 😯 What fill it up to the top?? Surely you’ll just end up with it all over the floor?? Do you mean just put a little bit in and sploosh it around???

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    natrix – Member
    Fill grip with white spirit
    REALLY?? What fill it up to the top??

    To the hinge end.


    REALLY?? What fill it up to the top?? Surely you’ll just end up with it all over the floor?

    You might, I’d do it over a bucket or washing up bowl so I could re-use it. It’s only acting as an evaporating lubricant so shouldn’t get overly contaminated.
    But yes, completely fill the grip to ensure the entire inner surface is wet, then tip the contents over the tape covered bar, over a bucket and slide the grip on with ease.


    Second the WD40 so much better than hair spray and all the other silly stuff , plus it’s ready to ride in half hour

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