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  • getting forks resprayed (st andrews way)
  • thinking of getting my solitude resprayed, as its getting a little tatty, and i'm a bit of a tart. also want something slightly different to the (very nice imo) blue/purpley colour it is now…

    however, to continue my tartyness i'm thinking of getting my zocchi Z1 lowers powder coated in the same colour.
    the forks need a service to get them working nicely as it is, so figured getting them sprayed at the same time would be worth it.

    so, is it easy to get done? will powder coaters do it?

    as a tight student (and yorkshireman) i'm wanting to get the frame done for somewhere around the £30-40 mark – so not an argos 80 quid jobbie… how much extra will forks be?

    fwiw my components are all black, as are the stanchions and crown of the fork. any colour suggestions? was thinking burgundy or something similar – not to flashy, but something unique…

    oh, also, i'd like a front mech outer cable stop brazed on at the same time…
    would a non-bike specific powder coater strip the frame, give it back to me to get the stop fitted, and then take it back to spray?

    hmm, just looked at a RAL chart

    RAL6010 grass green is nice, as is salmon pink (RAL3022)

    (aren't i cool talking to myself on stw? 😐


    er…no 😉


    Dude, it was 1am. All the STW folk are either tucked up in bed with some Horlicks ( you know who you are) or burning trees down with their newly delivered Trout lights.


    How about getting the frame done in RAL 6018 and then the forks and bars done in RAL 2007.

    I'm a big fan of having the same colour bars and forks wih a different colour frame.

    You do know the forks will need to go away to have new bushings fitted after they have been coated dont you.


    try the motorbike place in Cupar as I think they do resprays or ask on Descent-World as I think there is somewhere that people have used around Dundee.

    will those colours go together?! and i dunno if i can get the bars powder coated, as it might not fit in the stem?

    aye, was gonna send them away for a proper service after a paint job as it is. if i have a mate who can do it though, would i still need to send them away? afaik they are pretty user servicable, no? think they are 05 or 06 versions…

    thanks for the suggestions, will have a search 🙂


    Of course they will go together.

    The bars should be fine just ask them not to coat them too thick. My bars are powdercoated as standard.

    hmmm… will have a think.

    did hora do something similar a year or so back?


    Yea his chameleon was green and he had orange Z1s but no orange bars.

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