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  • getting back on the mtb and loving it.
  • ton

    bought myself a mtb at the weekend, a proper one with springy forks. I had been doing a odd bit of offroad for the last couple of years on a surly ecr. ok but lacking something.

    so I bought a new bike, and it has relit my excitement for mtbing. it is ace.
    1 x 12 is ace (shimano). air forks are ace. blasting round leeds bike park before and after work is double ace.

    got a weekend 100 mile offroad ride planned for November, with essell g and tea2 off here.
    cant bloody wait. cant remember the last time I was so excited about a planned ride.

    bikes and moreso, mtb’s are ace.

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    Need to know what bike and need pics!

    Good on you mate, get out there and enjoy.

    100 miles would kill me.lol



    sorry, cant post on this fantastic user friendly site. ;o)


    I am the same, after a good few years of due to 1st child, sleepless nights etc Laziness.

    Got myself a very bouncy yeti SB6 and am fully back into the addiction, was even out last weekend in the slippy slidy stuff, fell off several times but still giggled the whole way round Ballo Woods.

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    That switch infinity location on a Yeti scares me – right in all the crap!

    Looks like you had fun – the only bad bit of riding at this time of year is cleaning up afterwards – the actual rides can be hilarious 😝

    Ton – your photo doesn’t work for me – what did you buy in the end?


    It’s a Scientific fact that bikes rock

    got a weekend 100 mile offroad ride planned for November, with essell g

    Pardon????? You never mentioned 100!

    Anyway, for some strange reason I’ve been grinning like a Cheshire Cat while out on the bike lately.
    63, new bike & It’s not even leckrick!

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    Looking forward to it Tony. (I think)


    Same!! Haven’t done almost any mountain biking in the last 5 years, picked up a second hand Cube Stereo 160 for a good price and am loving life.
    Have been to Afan the last two weekends and had an absolute blast.

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    @ton the Google link not working for me mate?

    I use postimage.org to post pics on here.👍

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    Lovely bike mate. The shock position would give me hives over over it’s location near the muck though. That’s me though.lol

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    Here ya go Tony…

    Embed Google photos using https://ctrlq.org/google/photos/

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    I been away from it too for a couple of years as been surfing with the boy but back now riding a P729er and hugely excited by it all again. This time of year helps too as Autumn rocks when it’s dry like the last week!


    Just brought myself a second hand switchback as a carrot to get myself back out on the bike.
    Forgot how much I enjoyed it and as all my bikes are 21 gear, 26” wheel ally, the feel of Steel and 10 speed came as a very pleasant surprise.
    Must resist all the upgrades I’ve suddenly decided it needs!😆

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    Great thread, hope the enthusiasm persists, riding bikes is great!

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    Brilliant, nice one Tony!

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    Lovely bike ton. The colour is great too.

    blasting round leeds bike park before and after work is double ace.

    Always gives me that warm feeling going there. Seeing all kinds of bikes, bikers of all demographics and so many smiling faces. That’s what it’s all about!

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    Good stuff Ton.

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