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  • Getting back into cycling…what bike and where from?
  • Premier Icon sc-xc

    Despite wasting more time here than is justifiable, I haven’t ridden a bike in anger for around 6 or 7 years.

    I still have a couple of bits of bikes in the shed:

    – Dialled Kobe Ti, but the forks haven’t moved in years, the whole drivetrain will be shagged…
    – Charge rigid SS. This was my main bike – had XTR tubeless wheels, King, White Industries crank, Thomson finishing kit etc…I could get this up and running again quite easily.

    But…with all this talk of big wheels, am I best getting something a bit more up to date?

    I’d be looking for a couple of bikes so me and my wife can go out with our daughter. Perhaps up to £1000 ish. I haven’t really looked in the bike forum…I tried to search but couldn’t make sense of the results.

    So – best all round bike for £1k is…? and where are the bargains nowadays?

    Thanks for any help

    Premier Icon TiRed

    Ride what you’ve got.

    Best £1000 bike for what use – if it’s riding with a young daughter, get a kiddyback tandem 🙂

    Premier Icon robertpb

    For a £1,000 hardtail Vitus Sentier VR+ and for full susser Calibre Bossnut EVO.

    Premier Icon sc-xc

    Thanks…daughter is 10 and rides a Frog bike.

    As for type, no doubt I’ll get back into riding…to fix the Dialled will cost £££ and ultimately be an outdated bike.

    The Calibre looks insane value!


    I’d take a look at the Boardmans in Halfords, the Pinnacles in Evans and the 1000 quid bikes available at Planet X. There’s some decent bikes there, and a variety of types – gravel, hybrid, MTB – depending on what you want to do.

    If you can ride what you’ve got till Xmas you’ll get better deals, of course. I got an Arkose 3 for well under a 1000 last Xmas, and I couldn’t be happier with it.

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