Geordies – know any good restaurants in Newcastle ?

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  • Geordies – know any good restaurants in Newcastle ?
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    Can anybody recommend any good restaurants in Newcastle ? Down there for the weekend soon, main target the Baltic so staying in that part of town.

    Looking for something good but not too poncy, and there is a French person in the party so standards are high. And no chains obviously.

    Anybody know anywhere ?



    Errm Restaurent at the top of the Baltic? – not been for a couple of years but was great when we did.

    Failing that, there’s LOADS of places on Dean St or Quayside – or if you like currys this is always fun – generally impresses the Frenchies too!

    Or Terry Lambourne’s pub


    Cafe 21 is near the Baltic as is hotel de vin which is apparently quite nice. I’m not really your best guide though as I hate poncey food.

    We had Xmas doo at cafe21 you got 1 carrot and one spud on your plate.


    Six at the baltic is good

    Cafe 21 is my favorite, although the same guy owns cafe vivo which is less ‘posh’ both on the quayside.

    Pan Haggertys gets good reviews, but a bit overpriced, and the portions can be small, again on the quayside.

    Jesmond dene house, in jesmond dene (owned by the same guy as cafe 21 and vivo) for really fine dining, big bucks.

    curries – sachins is always good, not cheap, a walk from the quayside.

    Khans in heaton is quality curry, well priced.

    Quite a few pubs do good pub food. the broad chare on the quay is very good (guess who owns it…)

    there are others, trip advisor is generally good for newcastle.

    EDIT: forgot about Caffe Zonzos in sandyford, really is one of my favorites. Italian, good honest food, great atmosphere.


    You could try David Kennedy’s Food Social – it’s not been open that long but I’ve heard it’s really excellent. They have an a la carte menu or you can order ‘sharing’ dishes tapas style.


    It’s based at the Biscuit Factory Art gallery so would tie in nicely with the Baltic.

    Pan Haggertys is very good, I thought the portions looked small when they came but I left feeling full.
    I was a bit let down Sachins, it wasn’t bad but it wasn’t as good as everyone told me!
    Red Mezze is good but at the other side of town.
    Indian place in the gate is supposed to be good, I forget its name!
    I’m hungry now


    Fishermans Lodge in Jesmond Dene. Pricey but very nice, maybe a little bit formal.

    For upmarket/gastro pub food I like As You Like It. he bit up stairs is actually a restaurant IIRC.

    If you are heading out of Newcastle then Close House does nice food. Off to sample some Wedding stuff at the weekend.

    Just out of interest, why no chains. I can appreciate Weatherspoons might not be the kind of place you’d go to “eat out” but there are some decent enough ones around.


    Ham and pease pudding stottie.



    Call me a ponce if you want, but I don’t think I have ever had a good meal in a chain restaurant, it’s just not my type of thing. Hate Howies. Am prepared to accept that Petite Folie and Room at the Town/West End have more than one venue, but they aren’t really chains.


    I used to love going to Fujiyama Japanese restaurant when I was in Newcastle. The wasabi ice cream clears out the old sinuses.


    For a relaxed drink/meal on the most beautiful street in Newcastle there is always Barluga on Grey Street…


    +1 the above.


    I’m writing a book about food in the North East with a colleague, which is a good excuse to go and taste a load of it. Here is my take:

    Cafe 21 (Quayside), Jesmond Dene House and Fisherman’s Lodge are you proper fancy haute cuisine type places with prices to match. Every meal i’ve had at them has been superb.

    Cafe Vivo, Pan Haggerty’s, Marco Polo and Blackfriars are very good. Not up to the standard of the previous onces but still very nice indeed. Less expensive too (particularly the lunch time deal at PH).

    For curry i used to enjoy Khan’s on Heaton Rd as mentioned above, but i work with someone in environment health so won’t be going back for a bit. The Valley Junction is the best curry i’ve had, and you get to eat it in an old train car – not cheap though.

    For cheaper, quicker options check our Pani’s for nice Sicilian food, Bacchus for a great pub fish and chips, or even the bistro in John Lewis (!).


    Capt J some of the lads behind the scene in the bistro at JL are really talented Chefs.


    Thanks folks some excellent suggestions !! Looking forward to my first trip to Newcastle in 16 years of living in Scotland.


    The place I recommended used to be called Black Door Bistro and has the same team. The chefs there have won a number of awards.

    Premier Icon lucien

    Wot, Geordies have restaurants? When did that happen?

    More importantly, who authorised it?


    Khans on Heaton Road but also the Sky Apple veggie restaurant is excellent, even if you’re a die-hard meat eater you’ll come out happy


    Bar Luga and Pani’s both good shouts, as is sky apple cafe. only been once, but enjoyed it.

    intrigued by the Khans environmental health story above, any more details?

    If you really want a good curry go to the place in stannington. its a long way out (30 mins out of newcastle) but its a very good meal indeed. They use local game in a lot of the dishes.

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