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  • Premier Icon letmetalktomark

    Its been a while since genuine excitement has gotten the better of me when it comes to bike stuff.

    Of course most bike related stuffs causes a murmur of excitement but this was different and if honest a little sad.

    My wheels came today for my Singular Puffin 8)

    First thing I noticed (after weighing …. ahem 😳 ) that the wheels them selves are nowhere near as heavy as I was expecting them to be.

    It feels odd the tyres weighing more than the wheels!

    Roll on February!


    What wheels did you get? Where from?

    Premier Icon akira

    You’re going to love it, my fatty is awesome.

    Premier Icon letmetalktomark

    Marge Lites on Fatsno hubs with a pair of folding/ultralite* Nates

    Silver hubs, silver spokes, black rims and orange tape


    John at Just riding along is the man to thank

    * completely unsuitable term for a 1450g tyre! 😆

    Any reason why Marge Lites other than saving a bit of weight over Rolling Darryls?
    Just asking as the Puffin I rode had RDs

    Premier Icon letmetalktomark

    I mused over the rims for ages!

    My thinking was guided my conversations with many people with far more FAT experience than me.

    The reality is that this bike is hopefully going to be a fun play bike.

    The reality of coastal excursions and deep snow or even snow rides is really quite slim.

    As such I thought the MLs would give me the float and with from the Nates I need/want.

    In time I plan to try a Bud up front. I am reassured that the ML will take a Bud but if not I may end up with a RD wheel or even a CS.

    Its all experimental though!

    Thanks,gives me something to think about, mine will be more trail steamroller than snowmobile.

    Premier Icon letmetalktomark

    I had read and a couple of people commented on the increased tyre drag from the larger rims.

    I guess that makes sense as the tyre profile changes.

    Another reason for the above was thats what the Nicolai test bike is fitted with!


    I ordered the same rims through lbs, but going for husker du tyres, Tazzy given me the tips for fat tubeless too, might be a while before I can try that though as tyres over £100 each

    Premier Icon JoeG

    I’ve never tried HuDus, but the On-One Floater tires are fantastic! And less than 1/2 the cost of the 120 tpi Surly ones.

    D’oh there was me thinking it would be a salsa carbon fatty to drool over even if I reckon fattest are pointless ;d

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