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  • billyam998

    anyone had one stolen? This looks well dodgy. I am sure I would list such a steed better that this individual has.


    Well at least it’s suitable for mounting

    “mounting Bike”

    We are going to have the usual responses that it could be genuine and its not fair on the seller to assume its stolen. Well possibly… My very bitter experience of ebay descriptions like this is that if it sounds dodgy it most likely is.

    I bought a Lapierre frame which was described in just a few words with a mobile number. When I decided it was all too dodgy (the frame was not as described and comms with the buyer exposed him as pretty clueless about it) I sent it back and pursued a refund. At that point all hell let loose. Threatening phone calls, dodgy “relatives” of the seller on the phone night and day dishing out abuse and slamming the phone down etc. Lesson learned…


    Feedback suggests they are into their old school BMX so not necessarily dodgy – certainly one I’d want to see the receipt for though


    mounting bike? must be taking the michaels.

    Nothing looks of to me. Couple of spelling mistakes and the guys a fraud. His feedback is spot on and lots of bike stuff throughout

    Premier Icon nuke

    mounting Bike

    Easy mistake to make…


    If anyone wants to know the ”bin” – £2600! 🙄

    That says it all then!


    whats wrong with 2600?

    1800 is a very decent price

    To say if he’s dropped the bin to £1800 as headsup tells us that he’s trying it on big time and therefore might be moving his swag on.
    It’s not rocket science for a thug to use google to find listed prices of bikes in retailers.
    Not to say he’s a thug, just way too optimistic especially at this time of year with those shoddy pics.


    of the 8000000000000000 is this nicked threads we have had how many have been nicked?

    i bought a 2007 commencal 5.5 with almost full XTR and carbon raceface stuff of a lovely woman in chester for 500 quid

    reason for sale?

    he **** of an ex-husband built her it and **** off

    sometimes there is a back story, not everyone has a phd in bike buying, the classifieds are full of bargain bits everyday, are these nicked?

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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