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  • Genesis Equilibrium – Reynolds 725 or 520 frame?
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    Not sure if they use lighter tubes on the 725 version, they don’t specify on the website.
    Bet they’d tell you if you called them.

    I’m thinking about one of these, frame only, at the mo.
    Can’t really find anything as good for the money.

    But it’s 205 better, so it’ll be great. 🙂


    Useful site.

    Our genesis rep explained that the 725 models are using more butting in the tubes and the 520 models contain some plain gauge tubes for stiffness i.e. on the singlespeeds mainly.


    You’d hope the better frame uses lighter tubes.

    I asked them about the frame weight, considering a purchase of a frame, they said “around 2kg”…useless…and I work for a dealer!

    EDIT…”more butting”? 😀 tube stiffness is about diameter I’m told, plain gauge = cost cutting.


    Just finished building a 520 equilibrium. Frame and forks off ebay for just over a £100.00 and kitted out with a mix of campag. First ride was last weekend and i’m well chuffed.
    Did look at a couple of 725 complete bikes but the frame only gave more flexibility with components mix. I didn’t really consider the different frame material as an issue and doubt anyone could tell the difference in use (plus I preferred the steel grey colour of the 520)


    sounds like they use the extra strength & use butted 725 tubes in place of plain gauge 520 then, think I might have to hold out for a Reynolds 725 frame… primarily because they come in that gorgeous burnt orange colour 🙂


    Okay so Reynolds 725 is heat treated version of 520, ie stronger but same density as 520.

    So is the 725 version of the Equilibrium lighter or stronger or combo of both, anyone know? Besides the sticker on the seat tube & the frame colour will I notice any difference?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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