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  • Gel sachet packaging design.
  • Premier Icon Stoner

    Some may remember this thread from last year:

    A survey about littering/biodegradeablility etc.
    I posted

    Stoner – Member
    as an inexpensive design adaptation to existing gel packs Id like to see the fused section and rip starter arranged so that you can tear the pack open to get to the gel, but the tear stops before the top is ripped off, so that it remains attached to the pack itself.

    It wont stop people dropping the packs, but would stop people littering the tops.

    and someone mentioned Clif had a patent on the “litter leash” design and prevented others using the idea.

    Strangley enough we just taken delivery of a new box of Torq gels and….

    With a rather heroic motif: “British Manufacture Innovation” 🙂

    Mystery Revealed

    Another innovation that we’re currently rolling out across our entire gel range is the new ‘litter-free tip’ and the Raspberry Ripple gel is launching this concept. The way it works is that as the tip of the gel is torn off, a small strand of packaging keeps the tip attached to the main gel pack. This isn’t a litter solution, because it’s the users’ social responsibility to dispose of the packaging properly after use, but even the most well-meaning individual can lose a gel tip every now and then whilst on the move and this certainly nips that problem in the bud.

    Big thumbs up from me. Mrs Stoner testing them out on the Malvern Views Sportive this morning.

    Premier Icon mrelectric

    Good to see! I’ll be sure to check for this when I buy gets again.


    I think some people at Swinley need a leash to attach the gel wrapper to their arm.

    So much rubbish on the new trails!!



    I got a heap of abuse at a sportive yesterday over the lecht for daring to berate someone for dropping a gel wrapper….. What the abuser didnt realise is id just broken off the front of a big group that watched him drop it…… He seemed to stop, we may have shamed him into going back to get it ……..

    Good to see torq have done this will make eating a gel quicker. Torq gels are awesome , only gel ive seen since honey stinger that doesnt taste like chemical toilet,

    Premier Icon jamj1974

    Rubbish on trails really pisses me off! It is definitely worse at trail centres and has got worse on other trails over the last ten years. Anti-social, grubby bastards. If you bring it in – bloody take it out again!


    Ummm gelling agents. Yummy!

    Premier Icon scotroutes


    Torq gels are awesome , only gel ive seen since honey stinger that doesnt taste like chemical toilet,

    And they’re now doing Raspberry Ripple flavour. I hope it’s as good as the Rhubarb and Custard.

    The Raspberry Ripple is almost as good as the Rhubarb and Custard, which means it’s still very yummy indeed.
    The new tear offs are so much easier to use, but not had ones with the captive strand yet.
    Whoever invented it, it’s a great idea.

    EDIT: just had a look at a used wrapper, it does have the captive strand. Can’t say I’ve experienced any captive qualities to it! 😕


    Matt did say you can just rip through the whole thing – you need to be a bit more gentle.

    I believe Mule will be using the same.

    All good news!

    Premier Icon Northwind

    I picked up a bit of litter today- some random said “Why are you doing that, it’s not yours”…

    Premier Icon rOcKeTdOg

    That rasp ripple tastes awful with the consistancy of wallpaper paste

    Premier Icon senor j

    I favour the rhubarb & crumble.
    Plus the ones with gurana (spelling?)…. 😀

    agree about the packaging tho’.

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