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  • Premier Icon Fat-boy-fat

    Thinking about trying Geax tyres out. Does anyone have any news to report back on them?
    Was thinking about a Goma on the front and a DHEA on the back (probably both with TNT stuff).


    TNT is good. i’ve a pair of gatos. nice tyres last well.

    Pressure is really low though. like 15-18 psi. normally run about 25 in other tyres. not a problem – just a tip.

    Premier Icon smokey_jo

    Running the saguaro tubed and can report that mud and wet grass overwhelm it fairly easily – doesn’t clear the treads too well. Roll well though so would be a good trail centre / summer tyre


    I had a bad expeience with a Datura TNT last Winter when I tried it tubeless on Flows.
    On its first ride, the rubber around the bead separated from the kevlar string and it went with a bang as I was landing a small drop.
    Returned it and received a refund.
    I know it’s hardly a scientific study with a sample size of one. Might just have been a random manufacturing fault but it was enough to put me off.

    Raced them last year and this, I’m a big fan of them, (also of Vittoria, the parent company, for road use).

    Used the Aka, Saguaro, and Mexcal. All tubeless, some with TNT, some not, no issues so far.

    Sorry no experience of either of the ones you’ve mentioned.


    Just stuck a set of DHEA on .. they were a right pain to get on the rim and set up tubless but they on now and seem really good so far

    Premier Icon tthew

    My Saguaro’s, which are non-TNT hold pressure brillianly on a Joe’s conversion rim with the Joe’s sealant in them. The extra expense of TNT not necessary IME.

    Premier Icon tomd

    I had a set of Barro Muds. Made from a sort of hard plastic rather than rubber, lethal on anything other than deep slop with no roots or rocks. I have some vittoria CX tyres and they’re really nice, so they can make good tyres!

    Premier Icon BoardinBob

    Ran Daturas through winter. Absolutely great in mud. Ok on roots. Absolutely lethal on wet rock unless I ran then sub 20 PSI. Went up tubeless easily.

    Premier Icon edhornby

    I have barromountain on my voodoo – great in the dry, bobbins in the mud cos they don’t shed and turn the tyre into one big slick, however they were the tyres that came on it when I wheeled it out of halfords so may be a budget version… work better at higher pressures also, tubed so can’t comment on TNT


    I ran a UST Saguaro for a couple of years, fast rolling but not a lot of grip, it was a very round tyre with not much edging – good for the back, not so good on the front. Never tried it in real muddy conditions, but I don’t think it would handle them well.


    Got a set of Saguaros too, and will concur they dont like clayy mud but seem ok on most other stuff also probably one of the best rolling tyres I have used.
    There Vittorias mtb arm , and I do like Vittoria for the roady tyres.

    Premier Icon mcnultycop

    Lobo Loco. It was OK on the back on the hardtail on a paid of Flows (tubed), but clogged up easily and was very slippery on wet cobbles.

    It cost me £8 though, so swings and roundabouts!

    I have been running GEAX (AKA TNT 2.2) for 2 seasons now. Fast, tough, and bombproof tubeless (DTswiss rims). I run them with about 20psi, no problems with them so far. The fit is tight on the rims, but shouldn’t be a problem as long as you are not running stans (or similar) rims. If you are running a BST style rim the get the standard folding type and they will work fine tubeless.


    Been running Gato TNT on my SS, Halo Vapour rims, easy to get on not like a Stans rim, running about 19psi.
    Well impressed in the real schlocky mud on Mendip this winter wet season. Cleared easily, and impressive grip on wet rocks.
    Going back to Saguaro and AKA for the summer hopefully not wet season

    Premier Icon Fat-boy-fat

    Oh dear … they no likie Stans rims? No good for me as I have flow exs. I guess I’ll have to think about something else then. Any suggestions for tough sidewalls but fairly light but grippy?


    Don’t go for TNT. They go on easy, TNT are hard work

    as said in my above post, the non-TNT variant are still fantastically tough, more so than many other brands(*cough* Continental *cough*) tubeless ready options. They really make some good treads, great value for money. Really underrated IMHO.

    Premier Icon trailhound

    Used a datura tubeless on the rear the last two winters, not a bad wet weather/mud tyre at all, plenty of predictable grip over most terrain types and decent wear rate too. No trouble setting up tubeless on a mavic crossmax st. Reckon it could be time to start thinking about getting it swapped for a (dare I say it) something a bit more suited to drier weather!

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