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  • Geax Goma tyres
  • edward2000

    How good are these tyres!!! Miles better than the black chili mountain kings they have replaced! And 15 quid from our favourite shop in Yarkshire!

    Really? Looking at getting some rather than high roller 2’s.. what’s the width like of the 2.25 and profile/air volume? More info please! 😀

    Exciting stuff if it’s true, going cheap right now and I’ve read the durability is meant to be ace..


    Are you running these front and back?

    Wouldn’t mind trying one on the rear if its not too draggy.


    Running both front and back. I think they come up slightly smaller than a 2.4 mountain king, I’m using the 2.25 version They roll much better and round llandegla today they seemed to grip fantastically too. Profile wise they are quite round and the volume isn’t massive, I would say just right! Good enough for cam zink!

    Premier Icon rickon

    I bought one of the 2.25 Sticky versions from Missing Link in Worcester. Running it on the rear of the five29. Was running a Nobby Nic which felt sketchy and swuirmy.

    Its a oretty standard 2.25 size on my Flow ex rims, pretty round profile, not at all in the least draggy. Seems to have decent grip, and the sidewalls are tough as any tyre ive used.

    Still not keen on 2.25 overall, so may buy a 2.4 if they go up that size.

    Compound feels like black chili, and rolls a bit like an Xking, but doesnt appear to squirm.

    Interested to see how they handle steep and muddy ground, the knobs are pretty low profile so would like to see them not pack down with mud.

    Premier Icon mboy

    Been running 2.25’s on the front of both my bikes for months now. They’re fantastic! Size wise they’re a pretty true 2.25″ in that they’re a little wider than a 2.35″ High Roller say (which are notably narrow). Performance wise, this is all IMO of course, but imagine the best bits of a Minion combined with the best bits of a high roller, but with none of the drawbacks of either, and in a nice mid 50a compound which is soft enough to grip well but doesn’t wear out too quickly at all.

    There’s only 2 conditions I’ve found they don’t work incredibly well. The first is in really really soft, wet, muddy conditions, where the knobs are a little shallower than a High Roller, but then in those conditions a full on mud tyre is what you want. The other is on extremely loose dusty trails, where they can slide a bit earlier than a super tacky Maxxis. But then so will pretty much anything, and that’s not conditions we really experience in the UK!

    For everything else, from rocky trail centres to natural woodland trails, in the wet or the dry, I’m going to stick my neck out and say the Goma is the best all round general purpose trail front tyre I’ve used. Even compared to a Black Chilli Rubber Queen! They’re not going to rival many DH tyres for out and out grip I’m sure, but then they’ll be less than 2/3rds the weight of a DH tyre and roll a lot faster too. In fact, they are exceptionally fast rolling tyres considering their tread pattern!

    The £15 mentioned above must have been for a wire bead version on special offer (£21.99 RRP), the Kevlar folding 50a version is £39.99 RRP and the TNT (tube no tube) version is £44.99 RRP, though they are available with discounts on these prices. I’d advise anyone wanting to run tubeless on Stans rims, DO NOT buy the TNT version as it is too tight. The TNT version works really well on UST rims and in Ghetto conversions, but use the normal Kevlar version (which seals tubeless better than 99% of other tyres anyway) on Stans rims.

    Email info @ missinglinkbikes DOT co DOT uk for a price on them, they’re always in stock in a range of fitments.


    Agree with mboy re the performance! I looked at the tyres and thought they wouldn’t be great in wet deep mud, but really only a specific mud tyre would! The tyres I received were the folding ones for 15 quid and a two week wait (see Planet X thread).

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