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  • Geary Query (Road vs. MTB)
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    Hey Y’all. I’ve just got a new bike (AWOL Comp) that has Sram Apex shifters and FD with an FSA 48/34 chainset. On my previous bike I had 42/28 which was perfect for loaded on & off road riding, and I’m planning on swapping the stock chainset to an 2×10 MTB one. Ideally a similar gearing setup to something like a Salsa Fargo.

    I’m hoping it’ll just be a case of putting on a new chainset and moving the front derailleur, but does anyone know if this will work or will I need any extra bits? The BB is a FSA Megaexo 8000/6000 which is apparently compatible with Shimano HT cranks. The bike has 135mm spacing at the rear and 68mm BB shell so hopefully the chainline won’t be affected too much…

    Anyone done similar and able to offer advice? Cheers in advance!

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