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  • GDPR – are websites now grabbing more info about us?
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    Everytime you go to a website now you are invited to renew your data options – over and over and over again.

    Now how many of us are really reading these options? There are 5 options just for this website, and and a huge list of advertising partners.

    I’m certainly not spending 15 minutes looking what advertiser/website/3rd party gets what information! I’m just clicking ‘OK’ and moving on, as I bet most people are.

    So with these options getting ever more complicated have we opened ourselves up to even more data tracking? I’ll bet there is all sorts we now sign up to that we didn’t before.

    Premier Icon sirromj

    uBlock Origin + Cookie AutoDelete

    Premier Icon bikebouy

    I read them all, I then choose which ones I want to accept and turn those I don’t want sharing my clicks off.

    I’m not paranoid, not in the slightest.

    What I objected to pre-GDPR is all the tracking and click and page impressions thy were being gathered about me online. That to me is an invasion of my privacy.

    Post-GDPR means I can choose to share, or not to share, that data with anonymous companies who make a living selling data about individuals personal tastes and desires.

    Quite when the Internet became a huge data hive industry I’m not sure, but now their days are limited by just what data can be held and used by them.

    But GDPR stretches further than just the Internet, and I fully support the initiative.

    What I’m starting to object to is the log out of sites, then forced to log in again and run through all the privacy settings once again. I guess the owners and data miners think by booting you out regularly means the user will at some point get pissed off and then think “sod it, I’ll accept the lot” and the miners will be happy and the impression will be taken and sold/shared.

    Not me though, I’m pushing for practices like this to be outlawed and have already made complaints to the ICO about such. I’m not alone either, last count the ICO released was a trance of similar complaints and a review of the practice to be in the next review.

    You have the choice now, you didn’t before.

    Choose wisely.

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    My browser runs lots of plug in blockers, so they can’t track me regardless of what options I choose…

    Premier Icon Cougar

    “I keep getting logged out.”

    Premier Icon tjagain

    Now they simply have to tell you what they are tracking and how – and I simply turn everything off on every site.  for me its a huge boon.  so no they are not gathering more data – they are now gathering less as some of us don’t like it and have the option to turn stuff off that we didn’t before

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    They’re definitely not gathering more and many sites just said screw this and stopped doing a load of things they were doing.  It’s just more obvious what they are tracking now…

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