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    It’s interesting how some people don’t want religious organisations to interfere in their affairs in any way. But are nevertheless very determined that they should be allowed to interfere in the affairs of religious organisations.

    The absurdity of it all appears lost on them.

    The most coherent and fair minded statement I have ever seen on this forum.

    Goodnight and happy riding !

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    No it’s not it’s a ridiculous statement and quite the opposite of reality.

    One of the most basic tenets of law is “one law for everyone” no special opt out because of position in society, religion or wealth. It is not interfering with religion to remove it’s special legal status, the believers can carry on believing whatever they like, they just can’t enforce it in any legal way.


    Has anyone bothered to ask the old bloke who lives in Rome for his opinion, and no matter what his opinion, all his brainwshed followers will obey.

    Yeah, just like they’ve obeyed various Popes’ instructions to not have sex before marriage, remain faithful in marriage, love their neighbour…

    lots of them will obey his instructions because like i said theyre brainwashed at an early age and told what to believe and what to obey, if they choose not to obey and not to follow his instructions, absolutely nothing is going to happen to them,but because they have been programed they think the world is going to open and destroy their minds.

    Al that needs to be done is change the term Civil Patrtnmership to marrige and youre done, and absolutely nothing to do with one small part of one church.


    it’s a ridiculous statement

    indeed you have folk who are not gay telling gay people what they can do or people who are not religious telling religious folk what they have to do [ I would imagine at least some of them are religious ]
    Basically as said we are either all equal in law or we give religion a special place where they can be exempt from equality laws to the extent they can discriminate whilst oddly taking equality cases to court because they are being discriminated against at work for their symbols etc.

    The absurdity of it all appears lost on them.

    The argument works both ways

    Either way you stop some folk doing what they want to be it gay folk or the religious.
    IMHO no one should be able to discriminate against people because they have a special book that allows them ,the absurdity lost on them again], whilst call us intolerant for not letting them

Viewing 4 posts - 241 through 244 (of 244 total)

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