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  • Gate knob – RS Reba RLT 2012's
  • I have a set of RS Reba RLT’s, 2012 model.
    What does the gate knob do? How do I set it up?

    I’ve googled it but get differing answers. It seems to be a valve of “blow off” the lock out on the compression. Presumably it unlocks the fork if I forget to unlock it using the lever? Is that correct?

    After dinner bump

    If the fork is locked and you hit a rock the gate setting decides how much the fork will move. In the maximum setting the fork will not move at all and in the minimum setting the fork will move for big hits but will not be locked out. Set it all the way in the positive direction and then turn it a couple of times in the negative direction to give it as much blow off as you want. Mine is set to only react to a very big hit and remain locked for everything else.

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    As he says, the blow-off is designed to save your seals if you hit a big bump with the fork locked. It also serves a secondary purpose when combined with the compression adjust lever. A lot depends on your preferences but you can set the gold blow-off to full closed and set the compression lever steplessly from full open to full lock to adjust to your preferred compression sensitivity or plushness level, or you can reverse that and turn compression damping to full lock and open the floodgate up completely giving you a good platform, with a fork that doesn’t dive or bob too much, but does react to progressively larger hits. The only way to find the setting that suits you (today 😈 ) is to experiment. They have so many different combinations that they are a fiddler’s dream. You may never hit the sweet spot, or you may hit it and never know how!

    The only way to find the setting that suits you (today ) is to experiment.

    I will indeed be setting out today to do some knob twiddling. We seem to have a brief break in the 40mph winds today.
    Many thanks for the tips.

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    I understood that your compression damping sets the speed (feels like firmness) that the fork reacts to small bumps (low speed- shallow edge bumps where the forks move slowly).
    The gate valve sets the threshold/limit at which the fork overides the set damping level( ie when a fast/large bump is hit causing the fork to move quickly).
    In effect it is a pressure relief valve, switching the damping to a secondary circuit, when the fork the hit hard/fast.

    Does this sound correct?
    How to properly set it up I don’t know,I will be tweeking forever.

    Calling Loco to the thread.

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