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  • Gas soldering iron recommendation please
  • Premier Icon jaminb
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    cheaper the better and ideally with a rope cutter attachment


    Premier Icon scruff9252
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    I got this one as a gift a few (10?) years ago;

    It’s really good – keep it on the boat where obviously no 230v supply. Has heat gun, blow torch, hot knife and soldering iron attachments. Used and abused, kept in a salty environment and still works great. Just keep a yellow can of lighter gas refill next it in storage as a charge only lasts circa 20mins.

    Premier Icon cynic-al
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    My Aldi one is the bomb, that’s of limited help I guess.

    Premier Icon yetidave
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    my aldi one is superb for how much it was, how long ago…

    Premier Icon trail_rat
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    Got through various different cheap ones.

    Bought a ferm.

    Not bought another for what seems like 10 years. Still in regular use*

    * Automotive electrics rather than boat related

    Premier Icon nickjb
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    If it is just soldering (possibly not from the rope cutting comment) there are some pretty decent DC powered ones now. You can get ones that run from a USB power pack. I run mine from an 18v Makita drill battery. Really nice control with digital thermostat.

    Premier Icon Sandwich
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    My Aldi one is the bomb

    Soldering not explosions are the job spec.

    I thank you!

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