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  • Gas & Electric Bills PCM for 2 People in 3 Bed House
  • Tallpaul

    Please could people post their average monthly gas and electricity bills based on two people living in a three bedroom house?

    Many thanks,


    Premier Icon neil853

    I’m back in a flat now but my last place (such as yours) was circa £100 PCM

    Premier Icon StefMcDef

    Ours is a fixed £115 a month for dual fuel. I work from home so I dunno if that bumps it up from what it would be your average out-of-the-house-all-day couple. I also live on the Isle of Wight so I guess my central heating gets used less than if I lived on the Isle of Skye.


    Same as neil853


    2 people, 2-bed semi
    £70-80pm but we try to not use too much energy if we can help it


    2 bed with 2.5 people is £90 fixed per month, bloody day light robbery imo.

    Premier Icon the-muffin-man

    Ours is £120 a month (for both) for 2 adults and 1 child in a 2.5 bed house.


    Ours is about £60 a month. 2 people in a 3 bed house.

    Premier Icon Simon

    3 beds, 4 peeps, £90/month

    Premier Icon crispo

    2 people in 3 bed terraced house is about £60/month direct debit.


    2.5 people, 3 bed semi – ~£60/month leccy and gas. (wood burner with free wood subsidises the gas bill substantially – only pay ~£10 per month for gas)

    Premier Icon fathomer

    2 people, 3 bed semi, about £70/month


    60 quid a month in total, two of us and a baby, decent sized 3 bed house and quite often work from home.

    I fitted a remote wireless thermostat to the central heating, made a big difference in gas usage compared to just running it on a timer.

    We’re also terrace which I think makes it cheaper than a semi.

    2 dudes, 2 bed flat, £70 for G&E. Was £120 and now they owe us about £500!

    Premier Icon Baldysquirt

    2 of us in a 2.5 bed terrace about £80 a month, I think.

    Premier Icon jambalaya

    Makes a huge difference if the house is empty all day (ie heating off) and also the insulation/build quality. I’d agree with above, £75-150 is the range

    Premier Icon njee20

    Was £120 and now they owe us about £500!

    We had a similar situation and they (slightly grudgingly) refunded us, rather than using the deficit to offset future bills, which they wanted to do.

    2 people, 2 bed end terrace, £70 per month.


    2 guys sharing a 3 bed end terrace, was about £100pm.

    We’ve just had another house built, so it’s now a mid terrace and its about £80. We also had the wall insulation done which made a big difference. Expecting the G&E bill to go down even more once its fully built as all the tools are being run from our house.

    & we have a lot of electronic gizmo’s! 😀


    2 people. 4 bed semi. £63 pm


    Large 3 bed semi 2 adults 1 two year old. £80pm both avg temp when heating on 20.5

    mines about £75/month, I’m on my ow, but its badly insulated.


    3-Bed (one is more of a box room, my office), 2 guys, detached house, 1980s build, not very well insulated, has cavity walls dowstairs but tiles on the upstairs, rather than a second brick layer :o(.
    I’m pretty interested to see how other people compare…

    According to British Gas’s on-line bill tracker thing, we use less gas (about 10%) than most, as I’m pretty stingy on the heating ;o).
    However, we use more electricity (about 15%), I can only assume its because we both run quite high powered PC’s, everything else in the house is low powered/energy saving…

    Electricity (we pay $40 direct debit a month) appears to be a max of £150 a quarter, to no lower than £130.

    Gas (We pay £41 direct debit a month, but usually have to pay a top up for winter) is more changeable, obviously, so for this year it is:
    jan-march is £200, april-jun is £85, jul-sept is £70, oct-dec is £135…


    1 bed house in woking mid 80’s – 2 people + cat

    all electric inc heating (no gas) – £59 a month – though that when up since our extra economy eco7 timer when mad.. must replace that to stop the hotwater tank cycling though the night..

    We had a similar situation and they (slightly grudgingly) refunded us, rather than using the deficit to offset future bills, which they wanted to do.

    Really? I just checked, £460… that could get a frame I spotted over there —->


    Never had a problem getting a refund when we’ve been in credit. THey do try to make our monthly payments lower but if you ring them and ask them HAVE to give you any credit back


    Average – hard to tell without a pen and paper. summer – 20 for elec, 30 for gas. Winter 40 for elec, 60 for gas.


    2 adults 2 kids in a three bed semi here , we pay £80 a month and they usually end up giving us a bit back after the new tax year has started. There’s someone in nearly all day as I work full time mornings and MrsCarlos does part time in the afternoons we can split childcare for minicarlosmk2.

    Last night I gave them some meter readings, which brought the excess down to ~£300. We’ll probably swallow up another £100 of that over the course of the next three months, but they are sending me a cheque(!) for £150

    Premier Icon amedias

    2 people in 3 bed 1920s terraced house here

    ~£70 – £100pm in winter months
    ~£20 – £40pm in the summer

    depending on how much we are in and the weather…

    FWIW, I’m on a £90pm DD with British Gas for both leccy and gas and they normally end up owing me a few hundred by the end of the year.

    Premier Icon letmetalktomark

    On average: 2.5 people, 2 bed three story house, £65PCM for both.

    This is an average across the year.

    Two wood burners help keep the cost down but we run a storage heater 365 days a year in our office/cellar.

    End terrace cottage.

    Premier Icon Rio

    We pay about £50 for gas and £59 for electricity from BG, and despite much measuring, uplugging and switching things off I have absolutely no idea where all that electricity goes as we use gas for heating. I suspect most of the rest of the street has tapped into our meter 😕 .


    Apologies for resurrecting this but we are paying £200 PCM for gas alone (averaged through the year), however it is LPG. (+ £40 electric)

    An older 3 bed cottage, but heating supplemented by log burners (2) at least 1 of which is on most evenings. The timer clock is on for 2.5 hours in the morning and 4 hours in the evening at 19c and set at a base level of 8c the rest of the time.

    Only really two of us living there during the week, both out at work all day (trying to earn enough to pay the gas bill!)

    Am I right in thinking this is too high – what can we do to reduce it? Are we just being too soft and having the heat up too high?


    What insulation do you have, are you on the best tariff of have you just ignored it, how old is the boiler.

    My guess is that all 3 could do with working on to bring it down.


    Insulation – Big thick solid walls (so no wall insulation) and bedrooms under the eves – certainly an issue, but not an easy fix. Double glazing all round, but old units.

    Tariff – yes the OH does keep an eye on that (I think – will check!).

    Boiler – About 8 or 9 years I guess – does this count as old? Can we get it tested for efficiency? We have a service agreement with the installer, so I suppose this is something he might do…



    Big thick solid walls (so no wall insulation)


    Double glazing all round, but old units.


    Just moved in and worked out our gas consumption for 1 week was £25 😯


    I wish ours was as low as some of you lot but we live in a large 3 bed farmhouse with no double glazing and lots of leaky bits!


    3 bed detached 2ppl – current DD is £81 pcm gas and lec but is usually lowered over the summer months (by npower).

    We do have a multifuel burner in our main winter living room so that reduces how much we need to have the heating on unless it’s absolutely brassic.


    £50pcm here in a 1st floor maisonette on Scotland’s east coast.

    Jumpers mandatory 😛

    Premier Icon footflaps

    We’re about £100/month for both Gas (£61) & Elec (£39).

    3 bed Victorian Terraced house, solid 9″ brick walls, but have double glazing and a fair bit of loft insulation installed.

    Apologies for resurrecting this but we are paying £200 PCM for gas alone (averaged through the year), however it is LPG.

    The extra cost is presumably due to having to have it delivered by truck rather than piped? Impossible to say if that’s too much without knowing how much you pay for it per cubic ft or btu of however it’s measured and how much you use.

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