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  • Anyone had any experience with a GF Paragon? I like the look of the 2009 one and have plans to turn it into a ‘race’ mobile with suitable upgrades from bits I already have. I might not necessarily be racing on it all the time but the idea is to have a quick bike for sunny days etc.

    Any idea how much they weigh? I presume the frame is reasonably lightweight but have nothing to base that on other than the fact it is Aluminium.

    I also read that some of the older frames cracked and there are contrasting opinions on whether or not this has been sorted out on the newer frames.


    not tried one, i went for the Ferrous instead but i really like the look of the paragon

    reckon weight is somewhere between 26-27lbs


    i got one. only had it for a few weeks so can’t comment on any issues with frame cracking.

    they are light probably around the 25lb mark, could be made a lot lighter with the right upgrades. I’m amazed at how bloody quick it is.

    I’ve got one, and so do 4 of my mates now! A great singletrack weapon, as well as being light and generally fast. The frames around 3.5lbs for an 18″ I believe.

    If you’re after an occasional race bike that rides fast and can be ridden far, it’s the frame to have I’d say. One mate’s currently in 5th in the Gorrick series on his, mine rode past Rob Lee on the MaXx Exposure last year at about 50miles, it was definitely the bike! So that’s short fast & twisty and long enduro performance tested and proven.

    I used a Superfly (exact same geometry) for ”a bit of a long ride” a couple of weeks ago and it was simply awesome. Long ride planned tomorrow with much playing in the woods. Pace is staying in the shed and the Paragon’s coming out. Case closed!

    Surely there can be no more questions. Just get one, you won’t regeret it. Just Shhhhhh…. don’t tell anyone or we won’t have an advantage over the rest of the world any more!

    As for frame cacking. Well, I bet you could find stories of any frame cracking, being the victim of alien abduction or spontaneously combusting if you searched the web hard enough. Just don’t read the american forums “I’m 28stone and I bent my bike….. “, duh! well obviously!


    The frame making you faster is about as likely as alien abduction Rob

    A significantly lighter stiffer frame than I’d owned before. And the 29er wheels. You just gotta love them big wheels.

    It’s pretty too. Everybody knows pretty bikes go faster, particularly if you smile cheerfully while riding them.

    Thanks for the replies. I already have one 29er with a Rohloff which has been great as a winter bike but I want something a bit ‘nippier’ for events and when I want to go for a summer blast. Currently not sure what to get and wondering whether Ti is worth the money, On One Ti 29er or Lynskey Ridlgeline perhaps. Also thinking about an On-One Scandal but not sure I like the finish on those – I need to like the look of the bike as well!

    Superfly 😉

    ive got a frame for sale 17.5″ 2008 in blue………

    Can’t get a deal on a Fisher and the Superfly is a bit on the pricey side!

    17.5″ is too small thanks.

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