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  • So, had Garmin Edge 705.
    This is now toast and, to tide me over, I got an Edge 605 (Not as good).

    I also had the GB TOPO Maps. As the 705 is toast, I wanted to install these on the 605.

    Need unlock code.
    garmin reponse – The maps come with one licence for installation on one device. I’d have to buy the maps again (£150!!)

    I have installed the Open Street Map with contours on the 605 but can’t help but feel Garmin are taking the piss.
    I was going to buy an edge 800, but think I’ll look at other suppliers.


    Are they aware that the 705 is toast?
    Seems a bit lame if they are…….


    I take it you can use Google?

    if so, the answer is out there – try Jetmouse as a search string

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    Garmin cust support sucks.

    I lost the cadence sensor for my unit and they claimed i needed to buy a whole new unit at $60.

    In the end I used the magnet from my old blackburn, worked fine, then I was on a website the very sensor from garmin at $6.

    Their cust support doesn’t even know their own products, or just wants to generate sales.

    Try escalating as that is a ridiculous policy on electronic goods that do go wrong

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    I’ve found Garmin to be really helpful, the GB Topo licence I had was for two units so when my Extrex Vista got run over I phoned them up and they gave me a second unlock code for free. They also said if I’d have rung them earlier they would have done me a good deal on a replacement unit (house insurance had already stumped up) and if it happened again as long as I sent back the trashed unit / serial number (can’t remember which) they’d provide me with an unlock code for a third device.

    I’d try ringing them again.


    I lost the cadence sensor for my unit and they claimed i needed to buy a whole new unit at $60.

    To be fair to garmin if you said you’d lost the cadence sensor they they were right to quote you a price for that. Had you said you lost the magnet then I’m sure they would have given you the price for that.


    Have you talked to their UK support people? They’re very helpful. I’m currently getting a Forerunner 305 replaced with a reconditioned one for £50 by them as I drowned the original thinking it was waterproof, so it’s a non-warranty replacement. They might replace your 705 on the same basis (so you’ll have a spare) and may also help with relicensing the maps. They’re on 0808 238 0000.


    Hijack alert… Anyone any experience of using a 705 in really wet conditions? How long does it last before it goes phhht, blub, blub blub? I.e. how waterproof is it in real life?


    My 705 is completely waterproof. I’ve ridden all day in rain and never had a problem.


    Does the 605 work with Garmin Custom Maps?

    If it does google “Mobile Atlas Creator v1.8” and you can transfer all sorts of mapping data to your GPS. You want v1.8 not the latest versions.

    I use it with a Etrex 20 and it’s brilliant.


    I’ve used my Garmin in persistant torrential rain, you know the kind that feels like someones thrwoing buckets of water at you, and its been fine.


    705 is pretty waterproof, many times I’ve forgotten to remove it when cleaning the bike, its been fine.

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    For the op – try talking to the support folks again. I destroyed my 705 in OTB incident on some rock steps. Got it repaired by Garmin but still needed an unlock code as the new unit was a refurb. They didn’t give me any hassle about it at all. The repair was about 100 quid I think, much cheap than a new unit.

    However I almost never use that map now anyway, it’s nearly always OpenStreetmap stuff. I usually get the maps from but they are pretty easy to create yourself if you don’t like the styling.

    I’ll try some of the suggestions. perhaps the best way to go is phoning. certainly the customer disservice left me feeling a bit miffed. To be fair, I really like the equipment. Between me and the lady we have three Garmin devices. All good products let down by what appears to be fairly apathetic CS.

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