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  • CraigW

    You can download free OpenStreetMap maps to use in BaseCamp (and load onto the Edge 800). These have most roads in the UK, plus some paths/tracks.

    Try this website:
    It will give you a link to download maps to install in MapSource, this should also work with BaseCamp.

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    Another option is to use any online mapping resource (google maps, etc) to plot your route, then save the file as whatever format you can (kml, gpx, etc) and convert the route with another online resource such as hereto a Garmin tcx file. this can then be imported to Garmin training centre and synced to your shiny edge 800. Sounds longwinded, but takes about a minute all in.


    You need to have your SD card in the unit for it to show up on basecamp, if you bought the city nav one then it won’t show any offroad information on it

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    Hello the Singletrack faithfull,
    I need help!
    I’ve just brought a Garmin Edge 800 performance today.
    I was expecting to be able to plot routes on my PC and download to the Garmin to direct me.
    So far I have downloaded “Garmin BaseCamp” but it only has major roads on it (I.E. M25 or A3).
    I was expecting the detail of google maps or maymyride.
    Do I need to but the citynav SD card?
    If I do, would I then be able to plot routes to that level?

    Please help as I am very much regtretting my purchase at the moment and will go and swap it for an Edge 500 tomorrow if not.



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    Okay, thank you for the help!
    I don’t have an SD card in it at all.
    Will option 1 or 2 work without a SD card in the Garmin?
    I know it sound silly but Does it have internal storage?


    I use biketoaster for my routes


    Mister P

    Sounds like you should have bought the Enduro package with OS mapping included?

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    Returned it and ordered an Enduro package!


    Here’s a guide to loading maps onto the Edge 800.. clicky

    You can also plot routes and send them direct to an 800 through the site. Hope that helps.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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