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  • Garmin Edge 530 users: any good, any issues?
  • ogden

    I’m looking at getting a Garmin Edge 530 to replace my edge 25 and was wondering what the general consensus was on them? I know they have the usual new Garmin niggles but have they all/mostly been sorted now or is it worth looking at something else instead?



    I’ve had a 530 for around 6 months now (also replaced a 25) and would have to say its been worth it. The 25 was only ever bought for recording/tracking and never intended for navigation but the 530 has been way more useful than I expected due to having trailforks installed and I’ve ridden trails I would never have found without it. The only issue I’ve had is that after connecting to my phone with bluetooth I’ve had to reset the garmin or it would not switch on the next time I tried to use it, not an issue for me as I just upload when I get home but if you plan on using the strava live segments etc which require bluetooth it may cause problems


    Mines great, however elevation accuracy is awful

    Premier Icon sam_underhill

    DCrainmaker seems to think it’s pretty good. First decent discount and I’ll be replacing my ageing 810 with a new 530.

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