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  • TiRed

    The 200 is not a mapping device. So it will give return to start by reverse sorting the GPS waypoints recorded. You need an 800/810 for the mapping.

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    Well, it wouldn’t need maps to simply show an arrow and a distance from your current position to the first waypoint. Unfortunately the 200 doesn’t have this option which I agree would probably be more useful. It could easily be implemented as a firmware upgrade. Maybe you should email Garmin about it.


    I know its not a mapping device, thanks.

    Its a just a curious way to configure the feature, back to the start on all my previous gamins, which have admittedly been non bike specific meant a direction arrow to the start you then negotiated a route.

    Setting up the way they have would only make sense on an out and back ride as opposed to a loop which most people ride.

    Email sounds sensible but more satisfying to come on here and grumble. 🙂


    my garmin 205 you just switch to the map screen and it shows your start point and route.

    you just need to travel in the direction of the start point

    does the 200 not do that ?


    You can access a map screen which shows the route travelled but it isn’t scalable and reverts back to a very small scale 300yds when moving.
    So you can only see the direction indicator on the whole map when stationary and when stationary the direction indicator is a bit unreliable in IME.



    Pretty sure that my 605 does the same. I think you’re misunderstanding what ‘back to start’ does though I’ll grant you that the name isn’t clear.

    It’s just a reversal of your current route, not a direct guide back to your starting point which admittedly might be more useful in some circumstances.


    Went out yesterday and rode an unfamiliar area. After an hours or so I’d had enough and rode in the direction of the car.

    I couldn’t quite get my bearings, so did the back to the start thing on the edge. It seemed to be directing me back to the start via your original route, which which would have meant a 15 mile loop when I was within a mile of the start point.

    Anyone else had this?

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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