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  • Garmin Edge 200 – anything else worth considering?
  • Premier Icon seadog101

    Seems to be the go to GPS for giving you the basics, which is all I need.

    Anything else out there similarly cheap, reliable and will allow me to:

    Download my rides to stuff like Strava
    Upload a .gpx route I create, and then follow it and not get lost.
    Do the usual stuff like how far, how slow, how long.

    You suggestions please?

    Premier Icon zilog6128

    The 200 is a great device for the money although poor for MTB IMO as the data resolution is low compared to e.g. the Edge 500 or even Strava on an iPhone (which will take a data point every second). So if you are making lots of quick twists & turns it will not track these accurately – possibly causing Strava to not pick up some segments.

    It is great on the road though. Followed loads of routes on it and never got lost!

    Hob Nob

    Having got one, i’d not bother & look for a 500, rather than the 200.

    The sample rate on a 200 isn’t great so it misses lots of trails & segments in the woods, its GPS coverage under trees is patchy as well.

    The 500 (and the others above) have 1 second sampling rate so generally are a lot more accurate. If I compare a route with my wife who uses a 500 mine straighlines whole sections of trail.

    It’s fine on the road though.

    Premier Icon simon_g

    Yes, the 200 is fine for all that. If you can afford the extra though (and it is twice the price), the Edge Touring is a lot better for navigation.


    I’ve been using a 200 for the past 2 years and it’s not the best for Strava off road. The low sampling rate can mean some times are wildly different when you’re sure they were only a couple of seconds different. That said, I’ve never missed a trail and never lost signal and almost all my riding is in forests.

    For that reason there’s a 510 in my Xmas stocking this year.

    Premier Icon MoreCashThanDash

    Navigating is not great with the little Edges, especially off road at any speed.

    Been using a 200 for a couple of years, and it has done the basics perfectly well. Currently playing with a mates old 500 which has a couple more options on what it can display, even without HRM or cadence sensors, and I would say would be better than a 200.

    Personally I’m saving up for the Edge Touring, light years better for navigation with proper maps

    Premier Icon amplebrew

    I’ve been happy with my 200, the only thing which I don’t like is the lack of clock on the information display.

    I know it sounds like such a small thing, but I really miss not knowing the time; especially when I’m cycling to be somewhere rather than just being out on a ride.


    I have a 200 I keep meaning to sell if you’re interested? £40 posted?


    As others have said re accuracy, my edge 200 is bloody miles out to the point where it’s been back to Garmin. If I go down a fast bridleway between fields, it often has me 100 yards away in the middle of the field.

    I wouldn’t buy another and can’t recommend it for mtb use.

    Premier Icon seadog101

    Right, sounds too basic for MTB Duties. My phone does a good job but I really want something I’m happy to have on the bars.

    bryton rider 40 fae Merlin – Brilliant and a bargain with HRM and Cadence / Speed meters.


    Lemonysam mail me might be interested

    Premier Icon nickdavies

    Garmin 500 – there’s one on the classifieds for £110.


    I’ve got one that I bought in June that I want to sell (upgraded to the 800 for mapping capabilities)

    Happily have £100 for it

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