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  • Premier Icon disben

    So – have had an issue with my Garmin connect and was going to see if anyone had any experience of this and knew a fix?

    I can’t save any course – ie I can draw a course and I can upload to my Edge 200, however it won’t save it to the system. It used to but it doesn’t anymore. I have sent multiple emails to Garmin, however they haven’t come back with a solution yet!

    Have tried logging in my account on other computers and it doesn’t work and have tried other peoples accounts on my computer and it did work.

    Also dont want to create a new account as will lose my account name and have to use another email address which I dont really want to do.

    Any ideas…?


    I create a course on ridemybike and then copy into th file structure under new files on my edge 200 if that helps

    You can then upload to garmin connect


    Does it save on Garmin Connect, but won’t send to the device? Or are you getting the error when saving the course?

    Premier Icon disben

    Aidso – it doesnt save on Garmin Connect – I create it and then send it the device. But when I go to look for previously created routes I just get asked if I want to create my first new course.

    Rob2 – I can create it on other sites, but I would rather have them all listed in the one site. also friends create routes and I can’t save them to my connect account (which I should be able to do).

    Premier Icon ahwiles

    garmin connect is a massive heap of crap.

    (pages/tabs dissappearing, reappearing, not working, etc.)

    i gave up with it ages ago, tried again yesterday, gave up again.

    my next GPS widget will not be a Garmin.


    Just for some balance, Garmin is fab, connect works perfectly even on my iPad (well almost)

    1 thing to make it ll work well fr me was to swap to Mozilla rather than explorer for my Webb browser, apparently chrome works fine too.


    Double post doh………

    Premier Icon roverpig

    Never had any problems with Garmin connect ether 🙂 Not that you have to use it Strava works well with Garmin units as well.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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