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  • Garmin 800 why is mine crap?
  • coolhandluke
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    Did a ride today with a route done for it on Tracklogs.

    The “guidance” (arrow) tried, sometimes successfully, to pull us off the course only to then say, “off course” with an annoying buzzzz.?

    I soon learned just o follow the blue line instead of the”guidance” arrow.

    What on earth was it tying to do?

    Got in, went t download the file, it’s invalid file type?

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    I cannot say I have ever used the guidance arrow and just follow the track on the map. Occasionally it will buzz off course if it loses GPS under trees or if the map accuracy differs from reality.

    Normally upload directly to Strava by navigating to the activities folder on the Garmin via Stravas web ui uploader.

    Admittedly it did die completely last weekend and took many attempts to restart it back at home, so maybe on the way out.

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    I’ve only ever had the guidance work on road, off road its useless (as TBH is the 1:50k OS map).

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    I uploaded the (Invalid) file onto Strava, no issues

    Garmin works with Strava, Garmin doesn’t work with Garmin. Splendid.

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    think it might depend on where you are.  I think the guidance stuff depends on physical routes which might not always exist so you get routed off onto the nearest track.  The blue line doesn’t do that.   I find it much easier just to follow the blue line as then I can see much easier where we are going and can just ignore the arrows if it is clear they are wrong.  Pretty much as @thisisnotaspoon says

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    Have you downloaded some maps ? If you rely on the Garmin ones it will keep diverting you to the nearest road

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    Running talky toaster on mine ..upload gpx and follows gpx no problems.  worth a try as they are still free

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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