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  • creamegg

    Ive turned them off on mine as i found them irritating. I cant remember exactly what i did as it was a long time ago. But what i know is that i follow tracks rather than routes if that makes sense? I think that effect it


    You need to set the turns and off course warnings for each course individually, and also when the course has not yet started – I think they do not change effect if you are already part way through the course.

    So, stop the course, changing the settings, then start the course.

    I tend to ride just with “off course warnings” on when I’m on an off road route, but the turn alert is quite handy sometimes on road routes I don’t know.

    Premier Icon mactheknife

    Ok, im having a few issues with the setting up of my 800.

    I have the version with the UK 1:50,000 mapping already installed on an SD Card.

    . What i want it to do is to follow an uploaded route with only the off course warnings sounding if i go off course.

    My steps to achieve this so far have been.

    1. Plot route on Getamap and save as a GPX file.
    2. Upload to RidewithGPS and save it with the name i want.
    3. Copy it to New Files folder and bosh its on the 800.

    so far so good.

    On the 800 my settings are

    1. Turn Guidance – off
    2. Off Course Warnings – on
    3. Course points – OFF

    I have tried all variations of these settings to try and achieve the following:

    To the problem. Once i start navigating and following the route a screen is continually popping up telling me where the next turning is and the distance to it.

    I thought that having the course points to off would stop this but apparently not.

    What settings are you using for off road routes?

    I know the problem is me but I’m getting annoyed :-0

    Premier Icon mactheknife

    pixel, you have the answer I think. I just plotted a route from home and tried your idea and so far so good.

    great bit of kit which its seriously let down by next to useless mini manual.


    this is always a good place to look for answers to any problems you might have with the settings, coz like you say the manual is useless.

    No help to you, but I’ve never been able to get the turn guidance on for an uploaded route, only the off-course warning.

    Premier Icon mactheknife

    bull, they are amazing bits of kit when you can get them to work. and that is the challenge 🙂

    Premier Icon ChrisI

    As already mentioned make sure you save it as a GPX track or TCX and not a route. That way it wont have the guidance, just a nice line to follow.

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