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  • Premier Icon DavidB

    1. For planning routes/ I use a combination of
    2. 3. 4. Just use windows explorer

    ps. my advise is to ditch the OS maps which just don’t work for me on the Edge screen and replace with openstreet map instead

    Premier Icon HB47

    Just bought a GArmin 800 with the OS 50,00 map pack. Trying to get to grips with the basics and have a couple of qeustions:

    1. Is Basecamp the best software for managing the GArmin on my Laptop.

    2. In the devices list there appears two drives , one seems to be the Garmin itself and the other I think is the SD card which the OS Map comes on. How do I check the available space on each – can you store tarcks and routes on either – will they both be displayed as courses on the Garmin

    3. Is it best to create routes in the library and then export them to the Garmin drive – or is it better to create them on the Garmin HD directly

    4. How do you delete routes off the Garmin drive – if I create a route in the library it seems to be easy – but can’t delete them from the Garmin drive – obviously doing something wrong.



    I agree with DavidB on the OS maps for off road stuff but they work great for the roadbike. I just use Mobile Atlas Creator and use it to put an area of 1:25000 OS mapping that I want to use onto the 800. Works great.

    Premier Icon cnud

    I too am a little disapointed with the 1:50k mapping, I now add a Garmin OS 1:25k map for the area I’m visiting as a second map on the Edge’s memory card for navigating with.
    For routes and tracks I use Memory Map and convert to a TCX which I import through Training Centre, but you can use any of the mapping sites/software out there


    I use the BaseCamp software and 1:50k O/S map to plan routes then follow them when I’m out riding off-road. I find there good enough for the job (i.e. I don’t get lost when I’m using them). For me, it also keeps the cost down, don’t want to buy any more maps. I use the tracks option (not routes) in Basecamp to plan my rides and download them to the 800.

    neilb67 / cnud

    What do you not like about the 1:50k maps?

    The new version of Basecamp will be out soon (beta available now from the Garmin site), hopefully that will address some of Basecamp’s quirks.


    I found the planning of routes too difficult on the 800, especially with so little instructions provided.
    First excuse I sent it back .. too complicated for a dafty like me!

    Premier Icon DavidB

    The downer in Basecamp is that you cannot edit tracks


    DaveB, that is a downer but there is a new version of Basecamp out soon. Fingers crossed.

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