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  • Premier Icon HB47

    Yep I did , people are very helpful but it doesn’t answer this question. I must be doing something wrong somewhere as the track is visible in basecamp , from the SD card, but not in courses on the unit.

    Premier Icon cnud

    I don’t use base camp, but have you tried doing it the other way around and importing the track into basecamp and then transferring to the device?

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    I have downloaded a Track from the web to the SD card of my Garmin. When I view it in BaseCamp it is visible and appears on the map, but when I detach the unit from the PC and go into Courses it is not there ….help


    Premier Icon DavidB

    You have to convert the track to a course before you can view it on the Garmin. Look in history then I think there is an option to convert


    I had a similar problem, but worked out that I needed to export the course from Basecamp as a *.gpx file, and be sure they were being copied to the ‘New Files’ folder that was on the Garmin. There is another which I think is on the sd card ?

    I’ve copied my notes for how to get a road route to work in my 800 if it helps anyone. This method throws up turn by turn directions – its great !

    The maps show bike trails while other maps may not.

    When you create the course use Google Auto Routing on streets, use OSM Auto Routing on bike trails.

    When you are done creating the course; go to Summary, go to the bottom of the page under Save Course, name the course and then click the Save link. (the course is now saved to the website if you need it later)

    In the Download section of the webpage NAME THE COURSE THE SAME AS ABOVE (this is what will show up on the Edge course list)

    Remove check mark on “Add Course Point Warnings”.

    In the download section of the webpage click on “To File GPX”. Save it to your hard drive but NAME THE FILE THE SAME AS ABOVE (by default the file name is course.gpx)

    Import the course into Garmin Base Camp software, this step cleans up the file and makes it most compatible with your Garmin Edge 800.

    Connect the Garmin Edge 800 to your PC.

    Export the fileas a *gpx from Base Camp to the “New Files” folder on your Garmin Edge 800

    Unplug the GPS and turn it on

    Go to Menu/Courses and view the course to see that it looks ok

    Before navigating the course make sure you have the following settings options set.
    Go to Settings/System
    /Routing = Calculate Routes for Bicycle
    /Guidance Method = On Road for Distance
    /Lock on Road = No
    /Recalculate = Off

    Premier Icon HB47

    Thanks, there does seem to be a software bug – I have been spending hours in forums and it seems you need to manually copy the USERDATA.GPX file from the SD\garmin\gpx subdirectory to the SD \garmin\newdata directpry – unbelievable really.

    Now I am having problems deleting the test tracks and routs I created on the SD Card – any ideas ?

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