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  • Garmin 530/830 questions
  • ed34

    Thinking of getting a 530 or 830 with blue light discount but a previous Garmin I had a while ago but I found the screen not that easy to read sometimes unless the backlight was on. Are the newer ones better?

    Also, worth paying extra for the 830 touchscreen, I’ve read that the 830 is a lot better than previous Garmin touchscreens.


    Premier Icon sam_underhill

    DC rainmaker says the 530 is nearly as good as the 830. Having said that, I’ve just gone for an 830 because the one great use case for mapping is finding new trails, navigation after getting lost etc, and scrolling around the maps by touchscreen is a lot easier. So, it’s just down to whether you can justify the extra for the touchscreen. With all the Garmin discounts around at the moment the difference in price is smaller so easier to justify in man maths!

    Premier Icon Bez

    Yes, the new screens are much better in daylight. Not perfect and not as clear as Wahoo, but much better than before.

    And yes, the touchscreen (also massively improved over earlier model) is worth either paying the extra over the 530 IMO or losing some features and going for the Explore at a similar price.

    Some people get on with the buttons, YMMV.

    One point relating to both of the above is that if you have a touchscreen model then it’s just a simple prod of the screen to illuminate it (even with thick gloves on); much easier than a button.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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