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  • ash258369

    Use mine for navigation without any problems. If you use a website like this will automatically add junction points in so you get a warning 200m before each turn

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    We used a 200 and a 500 to get us from Warwick to Abersoch. The 200 was the most accurate, and we didn’t have any navigation problems.

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    I use my 200 for navigating on road rides. It does a great job IMO. I use TCX files as I had issues with GPX. Whether you get notification of turns or not depends on the software you used to make the file. You can either specify turns manually or let the software do it automatically.


    Works for me (500), though probably a good idea to have the route fairly well sussed in your head too.

    I’ve used breadcrumbs a good few times on a 305. So assuming that’s similar, it beeps when you go off course. That happens withing say 10 meters if it’s say 90 degrees off course, but can be minutes if you’ve gone wrong at say a shallow Y and are running near parallel.

    You can turn the beeps off in the settings.


    Ive downloaded a GPX track (.gpx) route to my Garmin 200 and hoping to use it as a breadcrumb trail.
    Just wondering how accurate it is and how will I know where/when to turn?
    It is a road route btw.

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    It’s fairly easy to follow, though I’d recommend a quick practise before heading out for the first proper ride. You can plot your own routes on garmin connect and download them to a 200. Road probably a bit easier than mtb to follow too.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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