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  • Andy_K

    Just got rid of both my random stand-in mowers, so I’m now on the hunt for a new petrol powered lawn chopper.
    Doesn’t need to be self propelled, but something around a 16″ cut and £200 budget.

    What have you got?

    Premier Icon simon_g

    Was a couple of years ago but the cheapest Mountfield with a B&S engine and steel deck from screwfix.

    This looks like the current equivalent (self powered is £50 more).

    Premier Icon andyflaw

    I spent £90 on a second hand Honda izy. Had just been serviced and had its blade sharpened. Very happy so far a year later.

    Premier Icon garage-dweller

    Our local mower place has a brand called Cobra.

    Metal bodies, single handle height adjustment.

    Equivalent to our Mountfield rs100 is about £160 and there are models going up from there including a much bigger one around the £250 mark.

    Had my cleaning of the Mountfield mowers carburettor not gone to plan I think we’d have had one of them.


    Unless you have a meadow out back, you should take a look at the battery mowers. I’ve got a petrol one, when it dies I’ll go electric.


    I have had a couple of Mountfiield over the years. They tend to last me about 10 years, roll it out each spring and starts straight away. I wouldn’t bother with weaker electric mowers as these are so easy to run and my garden is fairly large.

    Current one is an SP414 and bought direct from Mountfiled as were no cheaper elsewhere.


    Husqvarna here, plastic deck (nothing to corrode) has been super reliable for 21 years used on a 1/3 acre pretty lumpy lawn. Changed oil, couple of new pull chords and that’s it.


    Another vote for the Honda Izy here.
    We bought one a few years ago and it hasn’t missed a beat.
    Very easy to start too.

    Premier Icon MikeG

    Lidl had some decent looking ones in today, Briggs and Stratton engine, metal deck and single lever height adjustable – £140
    Looks as well made as the cheapy focus DIY one that went to the tip after 15 years of service and neglect earlier this year.
    Didn’t have room in the car today but if they’ve any left tomorrow evening I’ll be getting one.

    I just bought a new husqvarna which though over your budget is a really good mower. Plastic deck so no corrosion, ultra easy to start, work and manoeuvre etc


    I’ve got a lawnflite which is self propelled and has a roller instead of back wheels so stripes really nicely. Has a Briggs and Stratton engine which goes ok and starts fine. Polycarbonate deck so no rust issues there and looks nice enough (for a mower).

    It’s harder to start than my old mountfield which had a Honda engine. I’d say the Honda went through long grass better too – think it was a more powerful engine.

    The lawnflite collects grass better than the mountfield though – that used to chuck cut grass about a bit and didn’t compress the grass down on the box so well.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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