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  • joeydeacon

    I’ve got a wooden picnic bench in the garden, it’s a few years old and probably needs some treatment to prolong it’s life.. Ideally I’d like to cover it in something fairly heavy duty that soaks in, protects it from water/rot etc and lasts a few years without needing annual treatment.. can anyone recommend anything? There are hundreds of products on Amazon, am just after a paint and forget type solution – Don’t mind if it’s a paint / stain / oil / whatever..

    Thanks in advance


    Sand it.

    Hardwood? Teak oil or a modern alternative (some sort of Osmo finish)

    softwood? Toughest varnish or paint you can get.


    This stuff

    was real easy and quick to use thanks to the sponge tool it comes with.  No idea about longevity only used this summer on some hardwood tables and chairs.


    Get some 1/4 inch-ish plastic to screw to the feet. Stops them being sat on wet ground all the time. I’ve found it prolongs the life of anything made of timber that’s left outside.

    If it’s a few years old it’ll probably already have a bit of mould that will grow under whatever you paint it with. Wickes do an anti fungal treatment in a 5l container that’s about £15/£16 I think. Worth giving it a going over first and then periodically after to keep it tidy.


    Thanks guys, much appreciated! Will have a look through these options 🙂

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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