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  • Garbaruk oval chainring – anyone used them?
  • lawman91
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    The existing 34T oval ring I have won’t fit the Spur, so need to downsize to a 32T. Rather than stick with a SRAM one, anyone tried Garbaruk? Seem a bit cheaper and look stunning!

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    Not used one of their chainrings but if its anything like thier cassettes it will be made very well.

    Although if I was about to get a new chainring I would be looking at either a Unite Components, Superstar or Works Components to be honest, much cheaper!

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    Very pleased with the offset 38t Garbaruk that I used to convert 2x GRX to 1x.

    Somehow managed to ship the chain the other week but that was a mix of thick mud, leaves and woodchippings, not sure anything would have coped!

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    Yep. Got a couple of rings, one cassette, jockey wheels and a mech cage. All really well made and perform well. It’s now my go-to for such stuff.

    Got mine from gonebikingmad.

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    Blackspire oval on crc are only 35quid.

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    Yes. just installed a Gabaruk on the new Ripmo & I’m very pleased with it.
    Has longer teeth than the Absolute Black one that is on the old bike, seemed a little noisier at first but seems to have quietened down considerably after an hour or so’s riding.
    The silver one looks very smart on the CC cranks too, they’re beautifully made.
    One thing I’d say though is check stock if you’re ordering direct. I’ve heard they can be very slow with delivery.
    I got mine from one of the German online retailers…Bike24 I think.
    Also a lot cheaper than the AB ones, but in my opinion, just as nice.

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    Yep, I have a cassette which I would buy time and time again for the looks, weight, shifting quality and longevity. Jockey wheels and a round chainring. Never dropped a chain and I’ve been pleasantly surprised how long it’s all lasted given the crap i ride through. I chose silver for pimpness. Got it from Gonebikingmad here in the UK.

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    I have one that I’m patiently waiting for spring when my drivetrain will get overhauled to fit so can’t comment on functionality. That said, it is a thing of beauty and appears incredibly well made. A friend also has a cassette which again is stunning and he rates this very highly.

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    Yup, got a 42t oval on the front with a 10-48 Garbaruk cassette and mech extender / jockey wheels on my Gravel build.

    Ive put 4000km on this set up and so far no issues.

    Quality kit / good Comm’s from them

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    Waiting on mine from travers bikes.

    Good to see lots of happy people.

    I decided to not bother with the jockey wheels but think I might go back later for them, based on the above.

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