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  • Premier Icon Bregante

    Agreed. Spent last weekend in that London and found them all chatty and helpful in the extreme!

    I can only agree, and then agree MORE!

    They were brilliant. Utterly brilliant. Such humour, such friendly and open nature, such helpfulness. A credit to the country.

    Thank you to them all!


    Logged the Olympics. The attitude of everyone there was great and atmosphere was simply awesome. Proud to be both British and part of the human race


    Thank you and I’m sure my fellow Games Makers appreciate these comments. I was lucky enough to be a course marshal (field of play) at the road cycling and Mtbing, happy days!

    Premier Icon takisawa2

    Sixthed. Spoke to a couple in Hyde Park on the Sat of the men’s road race. Really top folk.


    They made a great day at Hadleigh all the better.
    Thanks too to those parachuted in at the last minute to handle security.
    Top day all round.

    Biggest cheer of the night in the stadium so far.



    Agree, all seemed very cheerful.


    I thought they were all brilliant… Cheerfull and helpfull.


    I feel you did our country proud.

    Premier Icon ChrisI

    The guys at Hadleigh were class. One was singing “if you’re happy and you know it” and another was threatening not to let anyone in that wasnt smiling 😆


    The Park & Ride guys at Hadleigh deserve a mention too…

    I had to go back to the park & ride to pick up my big rucksack, and then needed to get a train to London. I asked when we got to the park and ride if there was any chance I could get a lift back to the site, so I could walk to the station from there. The bus drivers were all finishing, but one of them took me (and a couple of people who had got on the wrong buses!) to Laindon station before going back to the depot.

    Many thanks to them and the police/army etc.

    Premier Icon jambalaya

    They did a tremendous job and they were sincere, they really were having a great time and contributed to the atmosphere as well as doing the more mundane parts of their jobs. Wonderful.

    Second @stealthcat’s comments on the police and the military.


    There’s such a limpic love in at the moment – It’s brillaint, even black cab drivers are being as ****ish towards cyclists. 🙂

    I just walked past a lightbulb hatted guy in Hamersmith – he looked a bit worse for wear.

    They get to keep the outfit as well – he said he was never taking it off – I wouldn’t either.


    The only negative comments I’ve read on them seemed to be from the odd athlete wanting to watch stuff but did athletes really have a ‘free pass’ to enter all the stadia and watch what they like? I can see it being awkward for a volunteer if Wiggo asks to be let in to the velodrome but they’ve been told only to allow ticket holders etc.


    Yeah I made a point of saying how well they had done to a group of them at wimbledon, I must say when i saw the brief i thought they would struggle to get enough volunteers!


    Thought all the people I came across Gamesmakers, Police, Military and other security were really helpful, friendly and acted like they were pleased to be there.
    Given the magnitude of what we have just witnessed, it’s restored a bit of faith in human nature for me. It’s good to have your cynisim undermined (a bit).


    +1, they were terrific.

    On the way home after the close on Friday, its late and everyone is hot and tired and still the volunteers were full of good cheer. Quite a contrast with the tube and bus staff and their demands for extra cash under threat of strikes.

    Premier Icon ampthill

    Yes they were a great addition

    london 2012-4 by John Clinch, on Flickr

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