'Galfer' disc brake rotors and pads in UK?

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  • 'Galfer' disc brake rotors and pads in UK?
  • Just saw an old Pinkbike article about Galfer disc rotors and they sound like just the thing I’m after, promising quiet braking in the wet particularly…

    Can’t seem to find them in the UK though, has anyone else?

    Bump for the morning crowd.

    I’ve emailed Galfer in Spain, I guess if I have to import the rotors myself I might look elsewhere… 🙄

    Zero help whatsoever but my mate used to import them about 10+ years ago. I had some on an old bike at around that time and I seem to remember them being good.

    Thanks, I’m thinking there’s enough motorbike stores that import the motorbike rotors, can’t imagine it would be too difficult for them to order in a couple of MTB rotors.

    Will wait and see what Galfer say.


    I am not really sure why different disc would reduce noise unless you are getting harmonic vibration from your existing one. IMO noise is usually contamination of some sort. The only bike I have that squeals is my commuter and once its been used in the rain the squeal goes away so I am confident its road film

    TJ, my theory is more edges and holes in the Galfer rotors = less of a film of water between the pad and the disc, which I have read is the main cause of squeeling in the wet. Also Magura and Galfer (both of whom do very similar looking rotors) both advertise them as being quiet or noise free.

    This is also why some suggest sintered pads are quieter in the wet, as there are more voids in the pad material for the water to displace into. I’m not so sure about that though, anecdotally sintered pads are apparently noisier.

    I’m confident it’s not a contamination issue, it only happens in the wet and the brakes are quiet and powerful in the dry. Also the bike has barely been used enough to pick up contamination gradually, and I’ve barely washed or oiled it (and only use drip on Finish line on the chain) so I doubt I’ve caused any contamination.

    Re: harmonics etc, wouldn’t a different style of rotor have different harmonics as it will flex/vibrate differently?

    Worth a try anyway, the bike is basically unrideable in the wet as it is.


    Makes sense
    Worth a try but I would also consider other things like change of pads, chamfer on the leading edge of the pads, tiny bit of coppaslip on the back of the pads eve I have heard of some folk using a hacksaw to cut a slot in the pad material but thats a last resort

    Yeah, will change pads at some point, just resent paying for them when they might not work, etc. etc.

    Can’t hurt to try a chamfer either, had considered putting some ‘sipes’ in the pad a la your hacksaw suggestion, but just pictured the pad material crumbling away under the blade!

    I will never resort to coppaslip, just cannot imagine how that wouldn’t eventually result in contaminated pads…


    You only need a thin film on the piston where it contacts the back of the pad. I’ve done it and no issues since.
    Its recommended for cars and doesn’t usually lead to contamination there…


    I often put a tiny dab of copaslip on brakes with metal pistons – not on those with resin ones. Never had contamination. I’ts just a tiny tiny smear

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