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  • Bucko

    I received my brand new Gaggia Classic espresso machine this morning, read the instructions, ran a whole reservoir or water through the steamer, ran a whole reservoir through the filter…all good.

    I then refilled the reservoir, put some coffee in the filter but got no water running through it at all. The steamer still works fine. I spent a couple hours trying to prime the system over and over again but nothing, just the steamer working as normal.

    All the help I can find online starts with dismantling the shower head and cleaning but there’s no way it can be dirty as I’ve not had a single cup of coffee through it yet, and I don’t want to start taking it apart as I don’t want to risk my chances of returning it.

    I plan on returning it to amazon tomorrow and asking for a replacement, unless anyone here has any solutions?



    Awww bless

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    Looks very similar to the machine my missus has, one thought , what does it sound like when you hit the go button? is the pump trying to push water through?
    Never had an issue with priming , just fill up water and it goes normally.

    Try calling these guys in the morning, they are the importers/service centre. Failing that return to Amazon.

    Caffe Shop Ltd
    Unit C, Old Power Way
    Lowfields Business Park
    HX5 9DE
    Tel : 01422-372554
    Mobile : 07890709860


    Have you turned off steam and back to coffee?


    Is water coming through the filter fine without coffee? If it is getting through the shower head without coffee there (with some noise and pressure), the problem is after the shower head, so:
    What sort of coffee are you using? Do you have the ‘2 cup’ crema filter in there? How much coffee?
    Is the coffee getting wet at all?
    Is any water coming out from the seal where the filter seals around the shower head?

    You might be tamping the coffee down too hard.

    Ah – of course – what aP said.


    I had a brand new one that had exactly the same problem. Sent it back and the replacement has been fine.


    unless anyone here has any solutions?

    Put the kettle on? A nice cup of tea always puts a problem into perspective 😉

    Maybe coffee grind is too fine? For some reason, the lavazza I use as my everyday cup has recently been ground a lot finer, the first time I noticed I had the same problem as you. I barely tamp it at all now, just sort of level it off with the tamper. Still comes out at a dribble, with a good crema.

    I tried another brand, and it ran through as normal.


    AS above, have you got the Steam button in the right position?

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    I think your solenoid might have got stuck in the steam position.

    Premier Icon somafunk

    It could be a stuck solenoid on the side of the boiler unit, however try this first.


    Couple of things, are you using the pressurised baskets? if so, you don’t need to tamp with any pressure at all.

    but, firstly, do you get water with no portafilter in place?

    If so, then add the portafilter with no basket, and then with basket to see if you can isolate the problem.

    but, it could be an air bubble in the system, try running a full tank through the steamer, with both steamer and pump buttons on.

    if not, it looks like you’ve got a dodgy solenoid. you can dismantle and fix, but I’d send it back.

    I sent my classic back to Amazon for a dodgy solenoid, got a replacement within two days, been spot on ever since.

    Premier Icon onewheelgood

    Just to clarify, if your steam switch is in the position shown in Organic’s photo, you will get no water through the filter. The switch needs to be off.


    Thanks for the responses guys. It’s nothing to do with the coffee or the switches. I’m doing everything right but only getting a couple drips from the shower. I suspect it’s an air lock or a faulty solenoid.

    Looks like its going to have to be returned for a replacement


    I’m doing everything right but only getting a couple drips from the shower

    Sounds exactly like my first machine.

    don’t bother trying to get the solenoid working, send it back. Amazons replacement service is outstanding (but Yodel who will collect it are terrible!)

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