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  • I have received amazon vouchers for xmas and fancy a g shock. As they seem very popular on here can anyone recomend a model for someone who has very small wrists?
    Budget up to £100.


    Probably one of the square face ones (a la DW-5600), then you just see what your budget will get you (solar, wave ceptor etc). I got the plain no frills one from Amazon for £45 a few months ago, it’s £75 now though so might be worth holding off?


    they made baby g for people with small wrists.

    I have skinny wrists (can wrap around with thumb and pinkie) my baby G is great, but i’m a girl, and it’s pink! Not sure if they do more blokey colours…

    Thanks for the replies. The baby G do seem a little girl like! Even though it would seem i have a girls wrists i am a bloke.

    How about this?


    a few here = baby g’s

    I have small wrists and have 2 baby shocks which are perfect. Have a look for neutrally coloured ones – look perfect on men and women. Just replaced the battery on one of them after a number of years. Cost £1.80. with the right mini watch screw driver and a little help from amazon. Great watches imo although it out’s of warranty and old now.

    Bottom blue one has a smaller face than the upper ones and are not quite as good technically but are still brilliant and well priced. Think it is exclusive to Argos but may be wrong.

    The top ones are often down to £40 so may be worth using amazon or waiting a while. Have a good scroll through Amazon as there was loads of unisex looking ones well within your budget.


    I have rather tiny wrists and I can just about get away with a GShock Mudman. They’re not ridiculously large.

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    I own a few G shocks and usually dump the straps for the animal nylon/Velcro style straps.



    I have a 7710 like the one in the link and it will be fine for small wrists as it’s one of the smaller G-Shocks. It’s a lot more compact than my other one which is a 7900

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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