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  • G Form Kneepads , Good/bad?
  • Premier Icon nickc

    GF doesn’t get on with hard pads, but wants something to keep her knees from looking like a battleground.

    seen mixed reviews about these, any real life users?

    Premier Icon wallop

    Scrapes? Perfect.


    Had some for a year now….luv them.

    Tried some on and thought they would get torn apart by brambles in moments unless covered up (don’t know if this is true though). Tried on loads of pads in the day and naturally the £70 POC’s were easily the most comfy, ride with them all the time now and they feel more like knee warmers, and no hard shell.

    There, solved your problem… If a little expensively…


    Having tried many pads, my GF has fallen in love with Fox Launch pads, she prefers them to Kyle Straits, Race Face and POC pads for comfort. She was interested in the G-Form pads but we couldn’t find anywhere that stocked them.

    Tom Kp

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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