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  • Funniest race incident in ages…
  • Excellent!
    I was watching a section at the Scottish Six Days Trial last Thursday & the observer was asking riders to clean their rider number plate, one Spanish guy was going ‘Que, no Englese, Espanol’ So the observer says, ‘cleano numero!’ & the Spanish guy gave a thumbs up & cleaned his number off!
    Dunno what ‘cleano numero’ means in Spanish (probably means ‘clean your number plate’) & neither did the observer but it was bloody funny.

    I have not stopped laughing for several hours…

    We have just had the most excellent day of racing at the Wareham XC Race. Good friend Jerome “the French” rode a surly krampus and after several well battled laps was suffering with cramp, he came into the start/finish and said (put on a French accent now) “ah moo leeegs veee are cromping” and a nice lady handed him an energy gel and said “try this”. He then rolled up his shorts, revealed his legs, started lunging (yes lunging) and tore the sachet open and applied the rhubarb and custard energy gel to his legs.

    I’m still laughing…. In effin tears.

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    Was it this chap…



    Deserves a bump.

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    Charlie – but did it work? Will there be a new niche market for trans cutaneous energy gels? And flavoured ones too…


    Id prefer to do that than eat one of those nasty things
    Good form!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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