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  • a) theres a whole wanted forum over there
    b) never buy a second hand helmet, for all you know it’s spent several times it’s usable life sat on the parcel shelf in the sunshine, inbetween being used as a battering ram.
    c) fit’s a personal thing, even between models in the same brand there can be variations (I like some 661’s, others in the same XL size I can’t even get my head in the opening!)

    You can get half decent FF’s for £40 new, not worth the risk.


    i need an xl fullface helmet – anyone got one they are getting rid of…….


    ^ This. My full face has only been worn 3 times and looks as new but I had a horrendous smash a few months back and I wouldn’t wanna sell it to someone and put them at risk. 661 comp shifted is about £60 brand new and a nice looking helmet.


    why not just keep an eye out over on crc for some clearance bargains? I’d never in a million years buy a second hand full facer or a second hand helmet for that matter for the above reasons!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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