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  • Full Sus frame and forks for the wife
  • haggis1978

    Looking for a full sus frame and forks for the missus please. She´s 5´6″ which translates to a small frame in mens sizes but not sure in womans specific design, think thats maybe a medium? Looking for something like a Stumpjumper FSR or Trek Fuel Ex so around 130mm travel but not any bigger. Must be in very good condition and neutrally coloured and not too masculine but appealing to a womans eye if possible, please dont shoot the messenger but the exact phrase was she wants something that “looks girly”
    Id prefer an RP3/23 shock and good forks


    hi mate – ive got this for sale

    see link


    Yeti ASR5 with FOX 32 Float 140mm shocks interest you? Frame is small. It’s the black anno version so maybe not girly enough??


    tt88 am looking for something a bit newer to be honest, sorry.

    Mr Armstrong, you have peaked my interest but worried that might be wasted on her tbh and more than what i was looking to spend. How much are you looking for?

    Premier Icon ponngoe

    Evening. Got a vgc reba 120 race if interested. Normal qr and steerer, in black

    Does £1000 sound too much?


    Yeah that is a bit steep to be honest. Cheers anyway
    Ponngoe the forks sound great but I’d need to get a frame sorted first so I know what I have to work with.

    ’09 Trance X5 in Small? Sent you an email.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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