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  • Full sus 29er for 3k?
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    matt I broke both wrists, one pretty badly, from bike falls a few years ago and have almost all functionality and strength back (I can’t do press ups comfortably but that’s no great loss)

    my point is it’s early days for you and it’s wrong to assume you won’t ride your Swift again, don’t write it off if you enjoy it. I don’t know your specifics but time, physio and a bit of determination can achieve a lot. (I do ride rigid).

    be well oh brothers of the bust bits!


    Looking good Frankers!


    Been trying some over the last few weeks and this is what I think.


    Whyte T129.
    good: Spec. Price.
    bad: Not enough travel up front. Not enough clearance on back. Can you buy one still?

    Stumpy Carbon Comp.
    good: Seemed the fastest.
    bad: Suspension a bit remote. Non standard shock. Carbon phobia.

    Tallboy Alu.
    good: Can’t think of anything, but it was certainly a nice ride.
    bad: For what you get for 3K it’s an upgrade opportunity waiting to happen. Their sizing is off and I was on something too small.

    Salsa Horsethief.
    good: Less remote suspension.
    bad: For what it is (a Taiwanese frame) the frame is not cheap.

    Summary of the Summary:

    All are very nice and I’d be more than happy with any of them.

    Just ordered a Horsethief.

Viewing 3 posts - 41 through 43 (of 43 total)

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