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  • Full Facer or Dropper post for the Alps
  • eyerideit

    Which of the above would be the most beneficial?


    depends on how often you crash and where you normally ride.

    personally i’d go for a post.*

    *please note, i’ve never been to the alps 🙂


    Totally depends on your riding. If you are down-hilling then a FF is pretty important and with the lift to get you back up you can leave your post slammed. If you are riding XC then the dropper would be handy and FF not really needed.

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    I took both to the alps. I ‘used’* the dropper far more than the FF but the one time I ‘used’ the full face I’m pretty convinced it either saved my life or saved me from a very nasty head trauma…

    * I wore the FF all the time


    Depends where you are going and what you will be doing, along with how you ride and what your going to do when the holiday rush hits you.


    In some place the Alps is like the UK just longer, in others it’s bonkers. In some places you have to ride up the hills, some just along and others down all day.

    It’s like asking what tyres for wheels

    Edit from google
    298,128 km²
    Alps, Area
    243,610 km²
    United Kingdom, Area

    It’s a big place and not all the same

    Both, get your dropper from germany, and use the savings to buy a FF.

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    If it’s about budget get a FF and quick release seat clamp .

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    I have ridden “All Mountain” trails in the Alps with a XC helmet and no dropper (they weren’t really available then).

    IMO you’d not miss the dropper, but I would suggest a Full Facer might be a very good idea.


    Careful with a dropper on the lifts. The lift attendants can accidently damage them. My reverb cable was torn from the post mount by a lift attendant in La Thuile. Post was stuck at full height for my journey down! Always pack a spare seatpost in the car – which fortunately, we had. TBH I didnt miss it too much.

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    Depends on your alps. I’m going back to White Room, won’t be taking my full face, might well not take my dropper post either as I barely used it.

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    +1 Superfli

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    Hitting he DH all day? then you’ll need a FF to hang on your bars when you prop your bike by the burger van

    Dropper post will make sitting on the bike admiring the view nicer….

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