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  • dibboid

    so permanently titanium plated jaw

    Kudos for going to such lengths just to shave a few grammes.

    She bought a titanium head cap bolt to match!


    Try wearing a buff under helmet of course even on a hot day.


    A few years one of my friends crashed with a Met Parachute on and the chin guard bent inwards and cut his chin… would probably have been worse without the guard though as he landed on his face in a rock garden :mrgreen:

    He now wears a Specialized Deviant even when the rest of us are riding normal lids. He is the fastest of us and has a habit of pushing a bit harder on the descents riding closer to his limits.

    He broke his Deviant when he hit a tree during an Enduro race a few weeks ago and promptly bought another.

    If you think you need it wear it, who cares what others think.


    I’ve got a Specialized Deviant that I use alps trips and the odd spot of uplift/downhill. It’s well vented for a full facer, but it is stuffier/hotter when compared to an open face helmet when used for uphills. Thats said, you can take it off for the climbs and use it when you need it on the descents.


    Specialized Deviant in carbon too. Thats got to be a good compromise?

    The only issue for the OP’s intended use is the Deviant mkI looks more XC than the newer/superseded mkII which now looks more freeridey?


    I’m not fussed particularly what they look like or what others think and I know ow it was a fairly freak accident as I ride the same spot at the same speed hundreds of times but do I want to risk the same happening again on a lottery like chance…. Not particularly, I can’t really recommend a liquid diet!

    Premier Icon nedrapier

    remember most heat loss is through your head…

    This is beaulux. same heat lost through head skin as any other skin.

    The finding came from a US army study which found that marines wearing cold weather clothing and no hat lost 25% of their body heat through their heads – the only bit without insulation. Almost surprising it wasn’t more.


    Any good?

    I have no experience of these by the way, just a quick lunchtime nose on CRC!


    edit: depending on the size of your head how about this?



    GolfChick – Member
    I ride the same spot at the same speed hundreds of times

    It happens as I said, I’ve come off in some stupid places that I’ve ridden 1000s of times. Twice I’ve face planted and got away with scrapes but not sure a full face for XC is the answer, I think you were on that occasion just unlucky.


    Sounds mad but also look at how you fall?

    I always roll – always. I took, protect my head in every fall that I’ve had (numerous).


    I’ve got a carbon spesh deviant and its still very hot on climbs. I agree with Northwind, the times that I’ve tried to use it for XC stuff I’ve found myself riding down stuff with it still on my back, which is not the desired place for it.


    Me and the missus each got a Cratoni Shakedown from CRC in their sale just after Chrimbo… I was reasonably impressed (OK for £50, £80 seems less good! Some on Amazon for £52) but a) don’t expect ‘proper’ full face protection from the chin guard section, it’s a lot flexier (Still would help a lot in a face first dismount however) and b) (for my head at least) the fit without the lower part fitted was terrible – I just didn’t fill enough of the ‘pot’ and it has no adjustment (cheek pads held it in place with lower section fitted).

    Mine went back as I didn’t see much benefit over a down-o-matic. The OH kept hers as any more would be overkill for her riding at the moment (but she’s yet to actually use it [mutters about fair weather riders]!!)

    We both have regular XC lids for less challenging riding though so not sure if these lids would work as your only option. Definitely looks less robocop than the parachute.


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